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Tiffany lamps – glass art for the home

Tiffany lamps – glass art for the home

In the case of a soft spot for Vintage furniture and accessories and, in particular, for the art Deco, art Nouveau, stumbles you automatically via the well-known Tiffany glass art. Three-dimensional objects such as lamps or accessories with ornaments, flowers and animal arrangements, from the smallest pieces of stained glass are created, were formative for the style in the times of art Nouveau. The American Louis Comfort Tiffany founded in 1879, the company “Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company” in New York, which is one of his glass art to the most well-known and valued.

Tiffany lamps in a modern setting

Tiffany a sign for the finest craftsmanship are the lights. The graceful light fixtures that radiate style and elegance not only make a good image in the classic-style apartments. In particular, as an eye-catcher in every Tiffany of power lamp a wonderful impression. These can also be placed in a modern setting.

A game with a different setup gives styles a room is often a very special character. Small accessories or a single piece of furniture from enough. A Tiffany lamp can serve wonderfully as an Eye-Catcher, thanks to the different shapes and color combinations they go well in any room, integrate and give this a nice nostalgic charm.

Features of Tiffany lamps

Tiffany lamps, which distinguish themselves by a very good and clean processing. Each stained-glass particles approach fits almost perfectly to the other, and a small total work of art. Also playful and floral motifs that were in the epoch of the art Nouveau style popular, are a meaningful characteristic. Small accessories that serve as a decorative element and animal motifs are just as popular as elaborately crafted lights.

Of course you can get the Original Tiffany lamps today. You should be careful specially on the label, with the serial numbers on the objects provided to be able to be sure that it is a costly Original. If you do not but places so much value on an antiquated view of the Original, but, nevertheless, this glass art appreciates, there are, for example. Glass art for the ceiling of the living light. Floor lamps or pendant lamps but also mirrors and Windows are offered with this unique glass art. Certainly a real eye-catcher for each room.