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Cheer Up Your Glass Edges with the Mini Charming Planter

Cheer Up Your Glass Edges with the Mini Charming Planter

Dinosaur Succulent Plant
Succulents are prehistoric plant species, so what could be better than planting them inside plastic dinosaur toys? Just cut holes in the backs of the dinosaurs, fill them with a cactus/succulent soil mix and plant some small scale succulents.

This idea comes from the two bloggers at The Sorry Girls.

DIY Toy Planter

2. Coffee pot Terrarium
Air plants include about 600 species from the genus Tillandsia, which evolved in rocky desert environments where there was little soil. They cling to any surface and do not need soil to thrive so any number of containers can be created
decorative planters.

Coffee Pot Planter

This glass coffee pot hack is from A Charming Project and features small Tillandsia plants, some green moss, decorative aquarium stones and a decoration or two.

3. Driftwood Succulent Centerpiece
From Rolling Green’s website comes this driftwood planter. Drill holes in a piece of interesting driftwood with a large drill bit, fill them with cactus soil mix, then plug a small succulent into each hole. Succulents require very little moisture, so moistening the soil once a week is all that is required.

Driftwood Succulent Planter

4. Pineapple Wall Plants
These clever hanging pineapple pots are nothing more than wooden napkin rings glued to balsa wood boards painted with shutters. The napkin rings act as open “vases” to hold small air plants. The materials cost less than $10, and the time investment is about 10 minutes.

DIY Pineapple wall plants
5. Crocheted lamb pots
Nothing is quite as adorable as spring lamb – unless you’re talking about these little succulent planters. If you’re a yarn handler, crochet some covers for small planter pots or recycled cups, fill them with soil and plant some small succulents.

Crochet Baby Lamb Planters
6. Rotating telephone planter
The craftsmen at I SPY DIY dreamed up this step-by-step project, where an old rotary phone from a thrift store was hollowed out, painted bright pink and filled with soil and succulents. If you don’t have a real antique phone lying around, a toy version works too.

Rotary phone planter

7. Modular concrete planters
Need something you can arrange in endless ways? These modular concrete planters will keep things interesting. They are made with regular concrete mix molded around cardboard molds. You can find the instructions at A Piece of Rainbow, a craft website run by the inventive Ananda.

Updated Modular DIY Planter

8. Vintage TV Planter
Build something worth looking at. This inventive project transforms an old TV faceplate into an eye-catching succulent planter. A 3-inch thick layer of soil made from sheets of wire screen and plastic is attached behind the TV faceplate. Succulents are then planted in holes punched in the plastic.

Vintage TV Succulent Planter

The talented DIYer behind the Rancho Reubidoux website created this rusty remodel.

9. Himmeli-Inspired Planter
Air plants lend themselves to very simple yet elegant planting ideas. This pot from Green Obsessions is inspired by Himmeli decorations – a traditional Finnish craft form. It is made from 1/8-inch diameter brass tubing, cut and assembled into a geometric shape with wire.

Brass air plant holder DIY

Such planters can be used as wall accessories or can be hung outdoors.

10. Eggshell pot
Get ready to crack some eggs. This delicate little planter was once an eggshell. It is simply made by carefully cracking the top of an egg, removing the inside, then painting the eggshell and filling it with soil and a single small succulent.

Egg Shell Planters DIY