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Matching lamps for small spaces

Matching lamps for small spaces

Small houses, it is said that they exude little Effort, coziness and comfort. But not every small house is automatically a romantic sugar house. Especially in old buildings you can find small places often have small Windows, low Ceilings and winding. On the one hand cozy, but also dark. And thus you can feel really comfortable, you can put even the smallest of rooms with the furnishings, color selection and proper lighting, it is super in scene. Of course, this applies not only for little witch-house in half-timbered style, but simply something for everyone cramped living room. Whether narrow planks, narrow kitchens or tiny bathrooms. All small rooms can be upgraded with matching lamps and optically enlarged.

Tricks for low Ceilings

Low rooms are perfect for a modern contrast: dark floors and light walls and low Ceilings look higher than they really are. Who dares, can work on each of the walls with vertical stripes Wallpaper. Thus, a small space stretches and expands, open shelves and Sideboards in muted colours, ideal furnishing items. Expansive Couch Landscapes you should avoid but it is better, instead, prefer to be on deep, petite Seating set. Here and there, a colour accessory and also small spaces can breathe.

For an optical extension of lower Ceilings with lamps of different lighting possibilities: space recommend reaching ceiling lamps make the room appear higher, if you hang lower than usual. Properly stretch ceiling washlights positioned in a small room in the height and the Width equally. Particularly sunken spotlights are refined in the soil. Generally, rooms with low Ceilings for residential, lighting should tend to come from below. The light and also the space open to the top.

Lighting solutions for small spaces

A small room does not always mean necessarily a low ceiling. Particularly old houses are often divided into narrow rooms with high Ceilings. Here recommended decoration accessories and lampsthe space visually widen and the ceiling either out of focus to hide it or lower it. What does that mean? Unlike in the case of low Ceilings, can get the light source from the top or from the side. This is because light from the bottom would lose in the height of such rooms.

For a chic style clean can hanging lamps that are mounted in a concentrated but in a different height in the center of the ceiling. Chandeliers are of course a classic. Such lighting solutions to fill the room twice over: By their presence and by the focused light. You can put lighting lamps and wallwasher targeted accents. Also table lamps, decorative lamps, shelves, and Sideboards or wall lamps can complement the basic lighting depending on the mood of the optional or replace.

Lighting potentiate

If you heed a few small, generally applicable Tricks, it is relatively easy for small spaces to properly illuminate. It is important to make the most of the light. This can mean to distribute various light sources in the room, or to multiply the lighting by glass and mirror elements. Wherein the mirror have a second effect, because in the right Places, placed, or suspended, provide for more depth in small spaces. Living walls or cabinets with LEDs, as well as milk glass fronts with backlight fan of small spaces and allow for even more brightness.

Lighting to multiply can by the way to for small bathroom is a great solution. A Central ceiling lighting or even a lamp above the mirror lights, the bathroom is barely enough. The bathroom mirror should be illuminated from the side. And the ceiling may be over the entire surface provided with a plurality of LED Spots. So to generate enough light and takes up a small bathroom. Bathroom furniture with integrated lighting and dimmers can transform even small bathrooms to great effect in mini Wellness areas.

The right light for any situation

You might think that small spaces need lots of big light sources. However, this is wrong. It is important that you have an idea of the effect of different lighting systems and lamps. You should also consider how you can set the room in scene and wants. Through large Windows you can afford, for example, a good to avoid bright ambient lighting. Instead, you can illuminate the room with a variety of indirect light sources.

The function of the room is decisive for the right choice of lighting. Darker rooms, you should be a certain brightness. Living or sleeping rooms often come without the extremely bright lights lampshades in warm colors can create a subdued mood. Otherwise, in offices and work rooms. Here, at least, the work area must be well illuminated, so that the eyes tire at work and the ability to concentrate. With the right lighting, even a small room can be perfectly staged. If you follow both cutting as well as function of each room, is ultimately responsible for the choice and positioning of the matching lamps, the atmosphere of the room.