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Bright and vivid tropical color schemes

Summer is reminiscent of bright tropical colors, palm trees and green fronds.

Tropical dreams flourish in warm weather and it can be surprising how appealing they are in any time of the year.

It can soothe the darkness of autumn and winter and provide a cheerful and warm tropical bedroom, kitchen or living room.

The bright yellows and cool blues, highlighted by bold colors and lush greens, can help you close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting on a beach in a tropical island paradise. Here are some great ideas for tropical bedrooms.


Punta-Minta-Escape-Circa-Interiors Bright and vibrant tropical color schemesImage source: Circa interiors

Tropical color schemes are bright and vibrant. You will notice the tropical colors of the interior, just as brightly feathered parrots do. Remember, a little will go a long way.

Go for a little slice of tropical color based on your furniture and other decorations. You may not want to paint an entire wall in it. You want bright points of intensity to emphasize the entire room. Let that brilliant pop of color count and distribute it wisely.


Hinsdale-Porch-Kreitinger-Design Bright and lively tropical color schemesImage source: Kreitinger design

Use beautiful prints of tropical flowers and leaves. You can use pillows, prints, or even a bit of wallpaper for a nice accent. These patterns really capture that tropical feel, especially when the weather outside is anything but tropical.

Don’t be afraid to show off these tropical patterns. There is a real fear that their use will turn the room into a huge ugly Hawaiian shirt. Mix them carefully with solid colors.

Mix the colors of the patterns that run through the entire rainbow to get the full effect (depending on the room and decor). If you’d rather not be so bold with colored patterns, look for patterns in more neutral fabrics.

Beautiful, carefully selected patterns create a warm tropical feeling. Use them to complete your tropical space.


Vanderbilt-Beach-Renovation-LAURA-MILLER-Interior-Design Bright and lively tropical color schemesImage source: LAURA MILLER interior design

Organic shapes are perfect for tropical decor. Remember to use furniture that reminds people of natural island shapes: sofas with the curves of mountains or table legs that resemble raindrops.

Metal wrapping strips can be reminiscent of rivers or even waterfalls. Small sculptural touches can be the perfect finish.

Add a small abstract sculpture in a natural shape or two to give your space a good finishing touch. Try not to be too literal or exaggerated. A subtle accent can make your space look thoughtful and creative.

Decorate in a tropical style


Guestroom-Weber-Design-Group-Inc.  Bright and vivid tropical color schemesImage source: Weber Design Group, Inc.

Tropical bedroom decor is a wide range of design options that go beyond palm trees and images of ocean sunsets. The general feeling should be comfort, ease and homely hospitality.

You can go in many different directions with tropical bedroom decor including nautical, surfer, Palm Beach Swank, Bali Exotic, or a British colonial style.

What you want is a fun color palette, including tropical colors for interiors. Try green, yellow, blue, and salmon pink. Weathered furniture consolidates the tropical look.

Some nice accents that you can use are ceiling fans, gauze curtains, floral prints, and lightweight fabrics. Not everything has to be done in vivid colors. In fact, it’s much better to go with quieter neutrals with bright colors for a nice popping accent. Keep it airy comfortable and you can’t go wrong.


Turks-and-Caicos-Henredon-Schoener Bright and vibrant tropical color schemesImage source: Henredon & Schoener

Like the bedrooms, tropical kitchen designs are airy and comfortable, although bright colors can generally get you a lot wilder. A tropical kitchen is a great place for tropical plants and flowers. You are looking for a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere in the room.

Adding color is the most important thing in creating a tropical themed kitchen. Start with the base colors whites or creams to calm the eye, then add ion blues, greens, yellows and oranges for eye-catching highlights.

Beadboard walls add a neat touch to the walls to make the space feel like an oceanfront cottage.

The backsplash is a great way to make your kitchen tropical. Use tropical mosaics with motifs like palm trees, island flowers, or marine life, especially if they are kept in a bold and vibrant color scheme.

Even simple, bright, and bold kitchen tiles in turquoise, blue, and green can make the area a vibrant tropical space.

Opt for subtle, soothing lighting. The flat track lighting is very suitable for your main lighting. The pleasant accent lighting comes from tropical pendant lights or fairy lights.

The furniture in a tropical kitchen is usually hardwood, occasionally exotic types such as teak or ebony. Wood usually looks more natural, so the overall appearance is more natural overall.

Add elements by the sea to complete the look. Your curtains and bedding can add colorful ocean life for a beachfront feel. Shells make for beautiful centerpieces and accents. Maritime artworks look great with the theme.

Use your experiences

Coastal-Retreat-in-Woodland-Hills-Karen-Grace-Interiors Bright and vibrant tropical color schemesImage source: Karen Grace Interiors

If you’ve been on a tropical island vacation, use this one when decorating. Bring the feeling and life that you have seen and felt into your home. Use your photos and brochures to inspire you.

Enjoy tropical flexibility

Peaceful Luxury Retreat-Carrie-Nicholson-RB-BIC-HL1-Director Bright and vivid tropical color schemesImage source: Carrie Nicholson, RB, BIC, HL1 Director

Don’t be afraid to be causal or formal. Tropical decor can be light either. Use ideas from different styles as you see fit. You can even put them together in the same room without anything looking out of place.

Be open to softness

Naples-Design-Project-Jere-Bradwell Bright and vivid tropical color schemesImage source: Jere Bradwell

The bold colors aren’t your only option. Soft, bright colors can convey the tropics just as easily as brightly colored prints. Use muted green, yellow, and blue.

Sage green, sky blue, and butter yellow can liven up a room as easily as vibrant tangerines if used well. Pick a tone with a large, light accent color, then add lighter hues and shades.

A more subtle option

Hawaiian-Cottage-Style-Fine-Design-Interiors-Inc.  Bright and vivid tropical color schemesImage source: Fine Design Interiors, Inc.

If you prefer both the tropical style and a more formal atmosphere, consider the British colonial style. It dates from the heyday of the British Empire. Think of the colonies of West India in the Caribbean.

This style combines traditional styles with exotic materials. It uses the motifs of the tropical nations colonized by Britain and is a great choice for keeping a little formality while taking advantage of tropical flair.

Contemporary tropical style

Captiva-Bayside-Residence-Alair-Homes-Sanibel Bright and vibrant tropical color schemesImage source: Alair Homes Sanibel

Contemporary tropical rooms are dominated by bright and cheerful colors. It doesn’t have to be kitsch. Traditional furniture combined with lively walls and lively flower patterns become something of an island house. It feels fresh and fun, not silly and out of date.


Florida-Beachfront-Residence-Vero-Beach-USA.-John-David-Edison-Interior-Design-Inc Bright and vibrant tropical color schemesImage source: John David Edison Interior Design Inc.

A tropical design offers many fun options for your rooms. There is a lot of flexibility in style, both bold and subtle, sophisticated and wild. Use tips to help create a tropical space where you can feel warm and content even on the coldest days.