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Art Deco interior design style, history and characteristics

Art Deco interior design style, history and characteristics

As a completely independent concept within art and interior architecture, Art Deco design can be traced back to Europe in 1908. Art Deco was a movement with strong ties to France in general, and Paris in particular. On the other hand, it is quite common for art movements and interior design schools to have ties to Paris at some point during their lifetime.

The Art Deco style continues to influence interior design, which today people want to mimic almost at its prime between 1914 and 1945. People can choose their accessories and furniture to complete the look of their home.

Art Deco interior design story

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Art Deco itself has likely always had a strong connection with France as it was viewed as an art form that was heavily influenced by Art Nouveau. The creators of art deco took aspects of the Art Noveau and modified them to form the basis of their new concept.

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You may be wondering, “What is Art Deco?” Art Deco is an interior design concept that encourages the use of simple, bold shapes, patterns and colors, while showing that it has a variety of influences, while the items made under its name cover an equally wide variety of designs.

Over time, influences other than Art Noveau could be seen in Art Deco designs. Art Deco was at the height of its popularity from just before the start of World War I until the end of World War II in 1945.

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There were various Art Deco interior design features that set it apart from other forms of interior design, both at the height of the influence and for those who now want to recreate its main features. It could be very expensive to have an Art Deco interior design in your home if you’ve bought original items. However, if you know where to look, the cheaper replicas can get the same effect. Ironically, the mass-produced Art Deco pieces from the interwar period are considered almost antique.

The Art Deco interior design features bold colors like black, red, chrome and silver. Sometimes art decor colors are beige and cream white. At the moment, many companies make both fixtures and furniture in these colors, so it is relatively easy to have an Art Deco interior in your home.

Art Deco eventually developed an ancient Egyptian theme that was not originally envisaged by any of its creators. This change in aspects of design came as a result of Howard Carter’s discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922. This discovery sparked a worldwide craze for Egyptian-inspired furnishings.

Suddenly everyone wanted an Egyptian-style decor in their homes and workplaces. Images of the pyramids, mummies and replicas of Tutankhamun’s death mask were found all over the world. There was a high demand for these items, and such things continued to be made. As a result, it is really easy to recreate that interior design look.

Art Deco was linked to other trends, such as those produced by the Hollywood film studios and the styles moviegoers could see in the favorite films of the time. With all of these influences on Art Deco, it made sense for companies to make lamps, curtains, and other furniture. These items made it possible to create an Art Deco living room, an Art Deco bedroom, or even an Art Deco kitchen. Lots of people chose Art Deco homes. The result was an Art Deco era.

What made the Art Deco interior so popular and relatively easy for many people to make was its mass production. When the movement was at its peak, records and radios became commonplace items, especially in the United States. It was mass production that brought Art Deco much further around the world. After all, previous trends in interior design without mass production had been more expensive because objects were scarcer.

Keep the art deco interior design style in your home

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From complete art deco apartments to adding art deco shapes, the look is easy to achieve. Many stores sell both in store and on the internet Equipment and furnishings that fits in with the basic concepts of Art Deco.

From art deco wall art to art deco bed, you can find exactly what you need. The styles are very different, so that individualism has plenty of room to assert itself and to express it easily.

Part of the appeal of Art Deco was the ability to show good taste or show a great sense of style. Large and small pictures and prints were all the rage. In an Art Deco room, the larger the picture, the better the look.

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Although not everyone can get pictures, they can buy them, so he shows modern posters of the more famous ones Decorative painting. With such prints and posters, you can access the decorative design without spending a fortune. Pictures, prints, and posters look great on walls and allow you to create an Art Deco theme or even go back to the original Art Deco era.

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In addition to silver, the Art Deco color palette also includes red, yellow, chrome, black and is often used for wall decorations, curtains and sometimes carpets. The Art Deco floor of choice was wood as opposed to carpets. Of course, you can put carpets on the floor in the usual Art Deco colors to match the decor on the walls.

Art deco styles available to everyone

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Mass production is even more common today than it was 80 or 90 years ago, while air travel and the internet make our world an even smaller place. It just means that we can get whatever we want from anywhere in the world. The decorating style is no exception.

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If your local stores aren’t selling enough Art Deco style, you can always order it over the internet. It’s all relatively cheap and easy to make any Art Deco home interior look exceptional.

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It’s easy to make your home a modern take on a classic Art Deco era style while still keeping it unique. All in all, it means you don’t have to be rich to live the lifestyle. 1930s home decor is within your reach and you can choose from a wide variety of art deco decorations to achieve the look you want.

From Art Deco style furniture to Art Deco designers, creating this classic interior is now within your reach. So don’t hold back. Start working on your art deco home design today.

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