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What are towel ladders?

What are towel ladders?

Towel ladders can be defined as that piece of furniture that is specifically designed to hanging or storing towels and other bathroom essentials. Apart from bathrooms they can also be placed in other rooms for hanging clothes, hats, coats and other accessories. Towel ladders are highly functional and allows you to keep things organized no matter where they are placed.

Everyone needs a towel in a bathroom. However, most of the times a lot of emphasis is given on other installations in the bathroom, but, hardly any importance given to towel storage. Moreover, if you have a large family, you certainly cannot do without a towel ladder.

If you have a small bathroom, a single towel ladder with a 3-4 rails are enough. However, if you have a large bathroom and lot of family members, it is better to have multiple towel ladders with multiple rails, installed in different parts of the bathroom. You can place one near the bathtub, one near the wash basin, and a separate one for the shower.

Towel adders come in two different types of installation, wall-mounted and freestanding. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Wall mounted ones require you to drill holes in the wall and install screws. This can sometimes damage the wall on which you are planning to install the towel ladder.

Freestanding ones do not require any holes drilled in the wall as they are simple placed on the ground. However, they are not as sturdy as the wall-mounted ones.

Towel ladders made from metals are mostly preferred by all as they are easy to maintain and are highly durable. Chrome, stainless steel, iron, and brass are some of the common metals used for the same. Towel ladders made from plastic and wood are also available, however, they are not as strong as the metal ones.