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Storage wall units: create storage space with ideas

Storage wall units: create storage space with ideas

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The classic wall unit was built as a huge cabinet over the entire length of a room wall and offered from books on tablecloths to fine tea service room for all belongings. These colossi were replaced by modern residential walls. Meanwhile, a living room wall no longer forms a solid wall, but rather is a stylish and modern combination of different elements. These still offer storage space, through open shelves or Showcases elements but also a presentation area for decorative favorites.

From showcases to TV boards – a classic wall unit can be very versatile.

Living walls are usually a combination of at least one

sideboard, a shelf and showcases. The main function of a wall unit is the accommodation of the TV set and its accessories.

Tip: When buying the wall unit necessarily pay attention to the space required for the TV! If the distance between the TV board and the wall cabinet is too tight, it can be quite tight here.

A popular one Material for living room walls is wood, it especially light tones are preferred as the oak. Solid oak is very sturdy and durable, but even veneer versions like the popular Sonoma oak can look great. High-gloss fronts provide a modern living experience. These are usually foiled MDF boards in various colors. With this form of wall unit not only the favorable price, but also the easy cleaning convinces – Thanks to the washable fronts, the wall unit with high gloss forgives tipped drinks or other dirt.

For fans of indirect lighting a living room wall is a true dream: LED enthusiasts can let off steam here. Many living areas already have elements for the lighting integrated. But this can also be added later. Even the smart lighting control of a living area is possible with the help of apps via the smartphone.

Placed directly on the wall, a storage wall creates plenty of storage space and a clean look. A selection of very chic and functional examples and inspirations for different combination possibilities show you our gallery