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stylish but cheap headboards

stylish but cheap headboards

You might be having cheap headboards in mind, but might wonder how to go about sourcing the same. If you have a plain bed without a headboard of any consequence or have damaged the existing headboard, nowadays there are ways of sourcing a headboard for your bed and that too of different designs and styles. Of course, when you have no plan for investing in new furniture you will be limited in your options, but they can be innovative ones as well.

Among the headboards available in the market, many particle wood based headboards are readily available in the market. All you need to do is find the right size as per the size of the bed. This is a key factor to remember when picking up a headboard separately for your bed. The king or the queen size options need to be looked at in order to choose the right size that can be fitted to your existing bed. The headboards tend to be easy to disassemble and assemble and one who is handy with a hammer and other tools can easily assemble a new one.

Nowadays there is a budding market of second’s items and if you are lucky, you might pick up a tufted headboard that could complement your bed very well and for a cheap price as well. The second and exchange online marketplaces are the best places to look at when one is on the lookout for headboards.

Functional Headboards

If you were planning to put up some shelves on the walls to keep books and other items, you could combine the same functions in the headboard that you source for your bed. Indeed, many beds come with functional storage space in the headboard designs as well as on the footboards. You could opt for headboards that come with storage space or shelves for storing books. Accordingly, you would save the cost of having to put up an extra bookcase or shelf on the wall by purchasing this kind of a headboard for your bed.