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Bathroom in the farmhouse: decor, ideas, lighting and style

Bathroom in the farmhouse: decor, ideas, lighting and style

You’ve probably heard of a farmhouse kitchen, but have you ever thought about a farmhouse bathroom?

While farmhouse bathrooms look terrifyingly rustic in concept, they are really a cute and fun variant of a modern bathroom.

Much like a farmhouse kitchen, a farmhouse bathroom is an eclectic, rustic decor. Many details that are used in a country kitchen can be used in a country bathroom.

Master-Bathroom-by-Rockefeller-Partners-Architects Farmhouse Bathroom: Decor, Ideas, Lighting and StyleImage source: Rockefeller Partners Architects

Feel free to include bead boards, open shelving, white tiles, wooden counters, and wooden cabinets. The style is a great way to showcase your family’s personality.

The farmhouse bathroom decor has an elegant simplicity. Here are some great tips and tricks to help you create a fantastic country-style bathroom.

Farmhouse bathroom mirror

Lake-Bonavista-Knight-Custom-Homes-by-Zoon-Immobilien-Media Farmhouse bathrooms: decor, ideas, lighting and styleImage source: Zoon real estate media

It’s hard to get a bathroom mirror right for a farmhouse. The false mirror in a modern farmhouse bathroom makes the room look too elegant for the style.

Altadore-showhome-by-Trickle-Creek-designer-homes-by-ICON-stone-tile farmhouse bathrooms: decor, ideas, lighting and styleImage source: ICON Stone + Tile

The edge of the mirror is the key. Look at a long horizontal mirror with a wooden frame. This will help communicate a farmhouse fear of land. A slightly cheaper, smaller option that works well is a round mirror with a wicker border. This also provides a nice piece of texture to emphasize the space.

Farmhouse bathroom vanity

Santa-Monica-Garage-Remodeling-by-Spazio-LA Farmhouse Bathroom: Decor, Ideas, Lighting, and StyleImage source: Spazio LA

Try to match your vanity with the style as much as possible. A wood countertop is always effective in a farmhouse bathroom, but you may not be familiar with the durability of wood.

Tiles are also a great option. The most important thing to do when choosing a vanity for a farmhouse is to make sure it works with the rest of the decor of the room.

Farmhouse sink

Breakers-by-Surreal-Systems-Inc.  Bathroom in the farmhouse: decor, ideas, lighting and styleImage source: Surreal Systems, Inc.

Your sink should complement the theme. You can easily choose between vintage and rustic styles. A darker sink looks great in a room with lots of colors. A white sink is an eye-catcher and gives the room a vintage flair. Make sure your faucets and fittings match your theme.

Mountain-Farmhouse-by-Cushman-Design-Group farmhouse bathrooms: decor, ideas, lighting and styleImage source: Cushman Design Group

If you have a small bathroom on a farm, a standalone sink that isn’t attached to a countertop may be the best option. You can find lots of great vintage and rustic style sinks here that are perfect for a farmhouse bathroom.

Farmhouse bathroom floor

Farmhouse-Inspired-Bathroom-Walls-and-Floors-by-Walls-and-Floors-Ltd Farmhouse Bathroom: Decor, Ideas, Lighting and StyleImage source: Walls and Floors Ltd.

Floors set the tone of every bathroom. Tile is always a great choice for country-style rooms, especially bathrooms, because so much water ends up on the floor and in the air. The farmhouse bathroom tiles should match the walls well.

Don’t hesitate to get patterned tiles or lay tiles in a pattern. Tile boards, hexagons, and multi-colored tile squares are good choices. If you go for darker colors, keep in mind that the rest of the room should also have more earthy tones in it.

Farmhouse bathroom lighting

Hidden-Prairie-Farm-by-DeLeers-Construction-Inc.  Bathroom in the farmhouse: decor, ideas, lighting and styleImage source: DeLeers Construction, Inc.

This is your chance to use some of the most unique and fun lights that you can find on the market. Depending on your themes, you can use rustic style lights, lodge style lights, or country style lights. It all depends on the exact tone you want to set for your farmhouse bathroom.

No matter what type of light you use, remember that bathrooms should have plenty of light through the mirror and shower. These are areas used for makeup, morning routines, and tidying up.

Sailing-and-Pailing-by-Denise-Morrison-Interiors-House-of-Morriso Farmhouse-Bathroom: Decor, Ideas, Lighting, and StyleImage source: Denise Morrison Interiors & House by Morriso

People have to see clearly. Vanity lights above the mirror are always a good idea, and some bathrooms use a recessed light above the shower to make sure it’s well lit.

Farmhouse bathroom wall decoration

HGTV-bathroom-by-Soko-interior-design-farmhouse-bathroom: decor, ideas, lighting and styleImage source: Soko interior design

Have fun with the wall decoration of your country bathroom! This is where you can add a lot of personality. The peasant style is of course versatile. Ass on ladder shelves, floating shelves, wicker baskets, whimsical signs, plants, and unique handcrafted items. Just avoid overcrowding the room.

Contemporary farmhouse from KCS-Inc.  Bathroom in the farmhouse: decor, ideas, lighting and styleImage source: Contemporary farmhouse

Keep it organized in an attractive way. If it’s too busy, the personality you are trying to convey will be overwhelmed and instead turn into an overcrowded mess. Don’t permanently attach anything to your walls unless you are sure you want it there.

Farmhouse bathroom accessories

Transitional-Paradise-Valley-Farms-House-Renovation-by-Caine-Company Farmhouse Bathroom: Decor, Ideas, Lighting and StyleImage source: Caine & Company

Similar to wall decor, you can also have fun with your farmhouse bathroom accessories. Look for rustic countertop items like soap dishes and toothbrush holders. Simple, cheap items like watering cans and wicker baskets can be used to store shampoo bottles or other items that you want to keep close by.

White-Farmhouse-Bathroom-by-Midwest-Remodeling-Restoration Farmhouse bathroom: decor, ideas, lighting and styleImage source: Midwest Remodeling & Restoratione

You may not even need to buy the perfect farmhouse accessories. Take a look around and see what works. You may be able to clean up or modify old items to fit in. Take this chance to breathe new life into old garbage!

More ideas for a bathroom in the farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse-Durham-NC-by-Lisle-Architecture-Design Farmhouse-Bathroom: decor, ideas, lighting and styleImage source: Lisle architecture & design

  • Wood is key to making a bathroom work in the farmhouse. Even if you can’t renew your vanity or replace your floor, incorporating wood helps capture the farmhouse feel. It gives a slightly rustic, rural look to a more modern or contemporary bathroom, and gives rustic styles an organic flair. Unfinished or recycled wood is the best.
  • Use carpets. This makes the room feel warmer and prevents water from making the floor too slippery. Look for vintage-style carpets. Feel free to use oriental style rugs, especially if they have a worn look. These act like exotic treasures and look perfect in a farmhouse bathroom.
  • Play with shapes and patterns. Paint patterns in a china sink or have a countertop with a fun tile pattern. A round mirror on the wall can help keep the bathroom nice and modern, even if the room has a rustic style.
  • Include plants! They will help create a calming, organic atmosphere that is wonderful to wake up in. There are many types of low maintenance plants that are great for a farmhouse bathroom, including aloe vera, Chinese periwinkle, and dieffenbachia. The humidity in the bathroom will help water the plants, which will make them work even less.

1920s-Bungalow-by-GEI-Homes-Design Farmhouse Bathroom: Decor, Ideas, Lighting and StyleSource: 1920s bungalow

Final thoughts when decorating a country bathroom

A country style bathroom is easy to personalize. It’s a great look that works for any bathroom. Careful planning and openness even make it a budget-friendly decorating option!

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