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Bathroom Cabinet: How to Keep Order!

Bathroom Cabinet: How to Keep Order!

There are a variety of bathroom furniture But the bathroom cabinet is and remains irreplaceable. He is versatile and in terms of style, there are no limits. If romantic. retro. classic or modern – You get bathroom furniture in every shop in the set and also as high-quality individual pieces. In order to find the perfect cabinet for your bathroom, here is an overview of cabinet versions. We’ve also put together inspirational home designs and products to help keep your dream bathroom in order!

Cabinet variants for the bathroom

Bathroom cabinets are available in all sizes, shapes and materials. Depending on the type you can differentiate between the following cabinet variants:

  • mirror cabinet
  • Vanity cabinet
  • tall cabinet
  • Hängeschrank
  • midi unit
  • cabinet

mirror cabinet

As a multifunctional bathroom cabinet is the mirror cabinet a great addition to your bathroom, because here you can not just admit toiletries. Due to the mirror, the bathroom cabinet during the morning or evening routine and makeup is indispensable. If the furniture possesses several folding doors, among other things, it also makes artful hairstyles or even dyeing the hair in the home bath easier, because in the end everything is in view.

Vanity cabinet

The Vanity cabinet Perfect for stowing heavy and bulky products such as cleaners and other larger items safely. Also, a washbasin cabinet is suitable for stowing things that should be accessible to children.

tall cabinet

With a tall cabinet can save a lot of space. He uses the full height of the wall and gives a small bathroom to optical size. This is due to the proportions of the tall cabinet, which goes in the height and not in the width.

midi unit

Neither too high nor too low – the Midi cabinet is adaptable due to its size and can be integrated well into any bathroom. The surface can be used as an extra storage space, because the cupboard provides enough space for decorative bathroom and living accessories.


The most flexible is certainly the cabinet, As an alternative or addition to the vanity unit, it can be placed anywhere in the room.