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Review of a halogen lamp

Review of a halogen lamp

Halogen lamp is an incandescent lamp with an advanced design and is also called a tungsten or quartz halogen lamp. The filament of the light bulb consists of ductile tungsten, while the light bulb itself consists of quartz, aluminum silicate or silica. The gas contained in the light bulb has a higher pressure than an ordinary light bulb.


The halogen lamp contains halogen gas in the lamp. This gas prevents the bulb from turning black, unlike conventional ones, and also lowers the thinning of the tungsten filament. As a result, the filament can be heated to a much higher temperature while the life of the light bulb is also significantly improved. There are many elements called halogen but not all are used in the design of such lamps. Iodine and bromine are used in the halogen lamps.

Chemistry involved in a halogen lamp includeis the chemical combination of the vaporized tungsten atoms with the halogen gas which is then re-deposited on the tungsten filament. This prevents the filament from wearing out, as is the case with ordinary light bulbs.


Halogen lamps with double ends have more power than the single ends. They are used in film sets, yard lighting, etc. The wires can be straight or double wound. Halogen lamps are also used in home lighting. They are preferred by people to illuminate their dining room, living room etc. These lamps do not consume much energy.


Halogen lamps with parabolic reflectors, halogen lamps with aluminum reflector, double-ended halogen lamps with tube bottom, halogen lamps in classic shapes, halogen reflector lamps, halogen lamps with G9 base and halogen dichroic reflector lamps.

Halogen lamps for car headlights are also available. Some examples are: Night Breaker Unlimited halogen headlight for car, Cool Blue Intense halogen headlight for car, Silverstar halogen headlight and Ultra life halogen headlight.

Many prestigious and established companies in the lighting industry manufacture advanced and modern halogen lamps for various purposes. The online stores sell halogen lamps of different watts and companies in different price ranges. Because these lamps are economical in terms of power consumption in addition to having a longer operating period, they have found service with customers. They also increase and are used for lightning strikes.