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Customize wall cladding: how it works!

Customize wall cladding: how it works!

Reasons for a wall cladding

To feel comfortable in your own home, the wall design is as important as the decor. In addition to wall paint or wallpaper is also possible wall cladding. Whether wall panels, stone-faced bricks or tiles – wall coverings create an optical effect that makes walls cozy.

Wall cladding in stone look

A wallcovering with the look of a stone wall looks and feels an eyecatcher in the room! Perfect for those who want to bring a natural flair in the home.

Building material: stone or a cheap imitation? A wall cladding (facing bricks) made of natural stone or in natural stone look is called a facing. At the beginning, it should be considered carefully which material is suitable. Becomes natural stone This is a slightly more expensive investment and therefore not advisable if you want to try a new wall paneling more often. An advisable natural product is for example quartz, This material is very durable and convinces by a natural feel. Imitate are cheaper and easier to handle in the installation as well as in the distance. Cheap imitations in stone look are available, for example, from materials such as plaster or concrete.

Tiles versus clinker straps

Also, a facing in brick look is a popular variant of the wall design, which is in the form of Clinker brick slips attach. These are thin slabs of brick, which are normally used to clad façades. Alternatively, it is possible to Tiles in stone look to use. Shunted on the wall of the room, they form a jointless, uniform look. In addition, they are very easy to clean, since they can hardly deposit dust or dirt on them.

Wall coverings made of wood: the wall panels

Quaint coziness can be achieved with the classic wall cladding: wood has a long tradition as a wall cladding. wall panels, originally known as wood paneling, are now available in many shades. Alternatively, you can edit wall panels made of wood but also with paints, colors and glazes.

In addition to the material wood, there are also wall panels made of MDF, which can be used to achieve glossy decorative surfaces.

A nice side effect of wall panels is the heat and sound insulating function who bring this kind of wall coverings with them. The increase in comfort is achieved by a ceiling paneling with wood panels is attached to the wall paneling. This results in a seamless transition of the wall panels and the heat insulation is additionally favored.

Another advantage of this wall cladding: The cozy look of the wall panels ensures a pleasant feeling even in damp rooms. With bare tiles this would be impossible. The condition for this, however, is that the panels are high-quality products that are tailored to the characteristics of damp rooms.