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Hanging Chairs: Ideas for inside and outside!

Hanging Chairs: Ideas for inside and outside!

Hanging chair versus hammock – what are the advantages?

The advantages of a hanging chair opposite hammocks are unique:

  • The hanging chair takes up less space than a hammock.
  • It does not have to be fixed like a hammock at two ends.
  • A hammock chair can easily be hung either on a rope, a chain or on a special frame.
  • Getting in and out is easier than with hammocks.
  • Materials like rattan give the hammock chair a natural look.

The hammock chair may not come up with the lying surface that hammocks offer, but sitting down it is better to sip iced tea or coffee, for example. What hammocks and hammock chair have in common is that you can absolutely relax and swing freely.

Where can a hanging chair be used?

The hanging chair can have many locations: Im living room He offers a youthful alternative to the old-fashioned armchair. in the garden or on the terrace, it offers the perfect place to relax. That too Child or youth room is perfect for a hanging chair. As a cool hanging cave he can provide a lot of fun. However, it should be noted here that the child should be able to climb in and out of his hammock chair independently so as not to injure himself.

What does a hanging chair consist of?

Most hanging chairs are made of sturdy materials such as Rattan or plastic so that they are suitable for indoors and outdoors. Of course, there are also hanging chairs made of other materials.

If there is no option to fix the furniture to the ceiling or a support, a hammock chair with a frame must be used. These are also available in many materials, with the most popular frames made of stainless steel, wood or a steel frame to mate. Hanging chairs with a portable construction can be easily converted and are ideal for a home.

By the way, weatherproof variants are recommended for hanging chairs for the garden so that the garden furniture can withstand the sun, wind and weather.

What should be considered before purchasing a hanging chair?

Before purchasing, a few things should be considered:

Whether a hanging chair can be anchored in the ceiling depends primarily on the Load capacity of the ceiling from. Unfortunately, not every ceiling construction is suitable for carrying a punctual weight, such as from a hammock chair. In case of uncertainty about the thickness of the ceiling and the method of fixing it is always advisable to consult an expert and / or an expert before installing the hanging chair.

If there is a wooden ceiling, crossbeams may be suitable for attachment. For concrete ceilings, however, special dowels and screws are needed to anchor the hammock chair with a hook securely in the concrete. If the ceiling is unsuitable for attachment, there is no need to dispense with a hanging chair. As an alternative, hanging chairs such as hammocks can also be mounted in a suitable frame.