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Blue kitchen ideas: cupboards, walls and counters

Blue kitchen ideas: cupboards, walls and counters

Blue kitchen ideas? Have you ever thought of making your kitchen blue? It’s worth it.

A sunny day under a clear, blue sky can feel rewarding calm.

The blue color triggers a feeling of relaxation, calm, balance and expansion.

When you bring the color into your home, you get the same feeling of calm, space and luxury.

It’s also a pretty well-known way of relieving stress, and it helps you slow your heartbeat and lower your blood pressure.

Here is an idea. Why not create a blue kitchen? Blue kitchens, or kitchens with blue kitchen cabinets, can appear bigger, look cooler, and be much more relaxing. And it suppresses the appetite. You can get a blue kitchen in a shaker with a traditional and modern design and choose between a matte or glossy finish.

Blue-Kitchen-by-Showcase-Kitchen-Bath Blue kitchen ideas: cupboards, walls and counters
Image source: Showcase kitchen & bathroom

This means it won’t be that hard to turn your blue kitchen ideas into reality. If you want blue kitchen walls, make sure these are light blue as it won’t overwhelm the design. You will find that framed kitchens and shaker kitchens work very well with this scheme.

Bold blue can add a vintage touch when used for a shiny design. And if you want to work in wood, sea foam works great against oak, as the warmth of the shade flatters the depth of the wood tones. You can go for a dark blue kitchen decor, blue kitchen counters, or light blue kitchen cabinets – the possibilities are endless.

Alameda-Kitchen-Remodel-by-Howells-Architektur-Design-LLC Blue kitchen ideas: cabinets, walls and counters
Image source: Howells Architecture + Design, LLC

Lighter colors bring energy and make for a pretty cheerful design and decor. By mixing, for example, blue painted kitchen cabinets with light shades or the brown colors of natural wood, a harmonious, cozy design can be created.

In dark climates, a blue like a blue and white kitchen can look cool and attractive because the blue color is the symbol for water. Blue wallpaper patterns, blue kitchen curtains, and even a blue kitchen island are things that are inspired by the lakes, rivers, and oceans that make a great kitchen design.

Blue kitchen ideas from The-Nest-by-Holmes-Hole-Builders-LLC: cabinets, walls and counters
Image source: Holmes Hole Builders LLC

What kind of blue?

There are definitely many shades of blue, from dark and rich to light blue and light sky tones. Deep blue colors are reminiscent of the turquoise waves of the Mediterranean and are attractive and powerful. Light blue, on the other hand, is ideal for a classic design that combines freshness and elegance.

This gives your kitchen a warm, calm look. You can do this with white decorating ideas or even with soft gray or light green as these look light and elegant, especially if you have wooden elements. These colors are great for a classic or a retro kitchen design.

Mesa-View-Residence-Arroyo-by-Leonard-Grant-Architektur Blue kitchen ideas: cupboards, walls and counters
Image source: Leonard Grant architecture

You can also combine the light blue tones with warm colors such as red, orange, brown or yellow and natural wood colors. These look fantastic next to kitchen cabinets and islands in light blue colors.

If you want to warm up your modern kitchen design and give your interior design ideas a unique character, choose salvaged wood and architectural wood elements. For a modern kitchen, go for pastel blue, turquoise blue, or even green – they are excellent.

Bermuda-Colonial-Residence-by-Village-Architects-AIA-Inc.  Blue kitchen ideas: cupboards, walls and counters
Image source: Village Architects AIA, Inc.

If you want a gloomy, cool, dark feel, navy blue or royal blue are great options. For someone who lives in a hot, sunny climate, this is the ideal option as it balances heat and light. However, if you are going for a playful, fun, and airy look, go for lighter or medium shades of blue.

They promote the effect of space and light in the kitchen. Some good examples are Royal Azure, Baby Blue, Cadet Blue, and Celestial Blue. They tend to intensify our perception of space, which makes them incredibly suitable for small kitchens.

HGTV-Showhouse-Showdown-by-Lulu-Designs Blue Kitchen Ideas: Cabinets, Walls and Counters
Image source: Lulu Designs

If you have a larger kitchen where you need a cozy feeling, go for the darker shades above. If you want to go for a radical option, you can even go for shades like Nile Blue, Purple Navy, or Persian Indigo.

They’re a bit far from true blue, but they give you a kitchen that really stands out. If you want to take things even further, pair them with other similarly outrageous colors.

Deep-Blue-Kitchen-Larchmont-by-Studio-Dearborn Blue kitchen ideas: cabinets, walls and counters
Image source: Dearborn studio

If you want to create an interesting color combination for a modern kitchen, you can always mix shades of blue with other colors. For example, red and pink accents or purple hues can transform your kitchen into a truly inviting space.

A modern backsplash design or interior paint or wall tiles in blue colors are all great ways to add these shades to your modern design and decoration ideas.

Contemporary Mid-Century-by-J.-Bryant-Boyd-Design-Build Blue Kitchen Ideas: Cabinets, Walls and Counters
Image source: J. Bryant Boyd, Design-Build

You can use blue to create incredible contrast and add some personality to your kitchen designs. For example, light blue can be combined with dark, warm colors, and deep blue can be combined with light, warm colors.

When your kitchen cabinets or walls are light blue, they will look harmonious and warm, especially with reds and yellows, without giving you the cold, frosty look of a white and light blue color scheme.

Waterfront-Retreat-by-Bruce-Palmer-Interior-Design Blue kitchen ideas: cupboards, walls and counters
Image source: Bruce Palmer interior design

For a wooden kitchen, blue is ideal. You can opt for blue color or opt for modern surfaces in blue with wooden floors, ceiling beams, dining furniture or wall decor and get a pleasant and original interior.

How to combine kitchen cabinets

If you want things to work, you have to mix and match them and do them carefully. The final appearance will be determined by how blue complements the colors of the other surfaces and accessories. A popular example would be mixing blue and gray. This combination is reminiscent of nature, with a blue sky and gray clouds.

Dramatic update of the date by Malerati Blue kitchen ideas: cabinets, walls and counters
Image source: Painterati

These two colors create a perfect contrast and enhance the relaxing shade of blue. Light gray is best used here because it doesn’t overwhelm the blue and takes the position of central focus.

If you want a stronger contrast, you can use cabinets in navy blue and lighter colors like cream, white or yellow for the countertops. Or go for blue cabinets against a white wall, this works too.

Blue kitchen ideas for Sidd-Kashyap: cupboards, walls and counters
Image source: Sidd Kashyape

You have a more or less infinite number of possible combinations. You can check out some color combinations online and see which ones look good on you so that you can use them as suggestions for your own design later.

Whichever combination you choose, you should make sure that the colors complement each other and are the right style for your kitchen.

Photography-Portfolio-by-Ann-Parris-Photography Blue kitchen ideas: cabinets, walls and counters
Image source: Ann Parris Photography

Moderation is important

As with many things in life, moderation is important. Sure, blue has many advantages, but when overdone you will see some of the disadvantages. Your kitchen could take on a feeling dangerously close to depression.

White-Modern-Classic-Kitchen-by-Angie-Keyes-CKD Blue kitchen ideas: cupboards, walls and counters
Image source: Angie Keyes CKD

Can you imagine a kitchen where wall cabinets, floor cabinets, and accents are all the same shade of blue? It’s not relaxing, it’s melancholy.

The secret? You should know how much of a blue kitchen is right. You shouldn’t have so little that it makes no difference, nor too much that it becomes overwhelming. If you have to go all blue, at least use different shades of blue for the cabinets and create soft contrasts.

Waterfront-Retreat-by-Bruce-Palmer-Coastal-Design Blue kitchen ideas: cabinets, walls and counters
Image source: Bruce Palmer coastal design

And another way not to overdo it is to use other colors as well. See the Mix and Match section above for more information. Look for bright, bright colors like brown, yellow, and white that will give your eye a much-needed break from blue. Even something small like a flower base can make a difference here.

A two-tone blue kitchen

While a white closet is almost always a trend, you shouldn’t be afraid to opt for colors. If you want even more depth and interest, choose more shades from the same color family. For example, if you prefer a country look, go for powder blues, which can create a cozy atmosphere.

Kitchen for a Queen by Bartolomei Company Interior Design Blue kitchen ideas: cabinets, walls and counters
Image source: Bartolomei & Company interior design

Pastel blue will also look beautiful on islands and closets. And if you want a few different shades of blue, use the lighter shade on the walls and a darker one on an accent like an island. If your kitchen is mostly blue but you want to add some blue to it, go for a sky blue in your cabinets.

Aqua blue is another interesting alternative, especially if you have marble tops and white cabinets. It will keep you energized when you enter and works well whether it’s ceilings, cabinets or walls.

Its-a-Mod-Mod-World-by-Kabi-Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets Blue kitchen ideas: cabinets, walls and counters
Image source: Kabi kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Other good options are gray-blue shades, as they feel neutral and not boring, and also combine well with accents of gray, white, or black.

Final thoughts on the blue kitchen design

When it comes to going with blue kitchen options, there are many options and you can go any direction you want. Above are many options and suggestions to follow. So don’t be afraid to choose one of them!