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Kids room decor – tips and ideas

Kids room decor – tips and ideas

Setting up a playful and above all child-friendly, safe nursery is not so easy for many parents. Reports about potential sources of danger such as toxins in the nursery quickly lead to uncertainty and some simply lack the necessary inspiration, which the children could also like the design of something more long-term in the nursery. So here are a few tips and ideas to help your loved one build a beautiful, healthy, personal empire.

A child-friendly and safe wall design

The little ones spend a lot of their time playing games and sleeping in the nursery when they are not playing outdoors. Therefore, especially in the nursery low-emission wallpapers and colors are to be used in the wall design. Otherwise, toxic effects such as chronic allergies or respiratory diseases can be triggered by toxic emissions. If you pay attention to the purchase of wall paints, wallpaper and Co. on appropriate quality labels, created the imaginative wall design created so not only for bright children’s eyes, but also for a secure feeling with the parents.

Choose the right flooring for the nursery

Cork is becoming more and more popular with the floor design in the nursery. This covering has the advantage that cork is warm to the feet and has a sound-absorbing effect. In addition, the natural material has a positive influence on indoor climate when it comes to variants without synthetic binders. Here, too, please be sure to look for the appropriate seal of quality, to keep the pollution in the nursery as low as possible. More about cork floors can be found here .

Smaller children especially appreciate carpet, as you can play on this particularly comfortable. Variants with a shorter pile can be kept relatively clean. This floor covering also provides a sound-absorbing effect and is, above all, not as smooth as wood floors or laminate, on which you can slipping faster. However, you should also choose the carpet high quality variants with appropriate seals. It is not recommended to use PVC floor coverings in the nursery, since they contain more and more harmful plasticisers.

Find the right nursery furniture

In the nursery furniture is in addition to a beautiful design, especially pay attention to the appropriate functionality. Especially flexible are the flexible variants that grow with the little ones in terms of size. From the bed, over the chair to the desk, these can be individually and ergonomically adapted to the child. It is also important to create sufficient storage space, be it with the help of shelves, cabinets or additional storage boxes, so that in the nursery can be kept order.

Playful beds are an absolute eye-catcher in the nursery, are beautiful in these models with a degree of adaptability. If the playful loft bed in the pirate design can later be converted into a more subtle, functional bed thanks to variable modules, the older child will be happy too and the furniture can be used for a longer time.

Bunk beds and bunk beds for extra space to play

Loft beds are ideal especially for smaller children’s rooms, as you have under the mattress still additional space to play. Here, too, the safety is back, natural and robust materials protect the health and make even more exuberant romping with.

Home accessories for the nursery

Child-friendly accessories such as playful lamps for plenty of light, matching home textiles such as curtains or funny bed linen and beautiful, child-friendly pictures on the walls visually round off the interior design of the children’s room and set additional accents. So nothing stands in the way of a playful, child-friendly and safe children’s room, have fun implementing our tips.