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Pallet Bed – Pictures & Ideas

Pallet Bed – Pictures & Ideas

DIY pallet bed

DIY-Fans pallet furniture is a true celebration: With only a little effort and even less money can be great individual Build pallet furniture yourself. A simple pallet bed including headboard can already with five euro pallets be compiled.

Here the Quick start Guide:

Four euro pallets willn placed next to and below each other so that a square lying surface is created. The individual pallets can – but do not have to – be fixed. The back of the bed consists of a divided pallet. To attach this to the bed, it is sufficient to connect the two parts with a wooden wedge or metal bracket. The DIY pallet bed is ready! If you like to sleep a bit higher, simply put another layer of pallets on the lying surface.

You should pay attention to this when building a pallet bed:

  • Pollutant testing of pallets: Whether the pallets were treated with pollutants, you can tell by the side markings. The abbreviations HT and KD indicate mechanical drying processes that are harmless. Also EPAL stands for a European standard, which guarantees pollutant-free. You should not use euro pallets labeled MB that stands for chemical treatment and colored pallets where you do not know what the colors might be. Unmarked one-way pallets are mostly pollutant-free, but less stable.
  • The right mattress: In more elaborate pallet beds, the mattress embedded in the pallets with a slatted frame. As in our quick guide, the mattress is often placed only on the pallet bed. It is important not to save on the mattress in this solution, so that the simple bed does not cause back pain.
  • The same dimensions: For a stable, visually appealing pallet bed, all Euro pallets should have the same dimensions.
  • The newer the better: The pallet bed should carry all your body weight. Make sure that the wood is not too thin, splinters heavily or stored in a damp place. Too large gaps between the cover boards lead to sinking of the mattress.

Individual bed design

There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to building furniture: the height and width of the lying surface can be extended as required, the headboard can be raised, upholstered or even omitted. And also the color of dem bed kann be adapted to the taste and decorating style at will: Whether untreated in natural, glazed, varnished or sprayed – Euro pallets are easy to work with and a patient basis of work, which forgive also mistakes in the craft.