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Find the right dining table for your kitchen

Find the right dining table for your kitchen

Now you have been designing the new kitchen for months and the to-do list is not getting smaller. The right floor, the right cabinets, the right kitchen appliances, the right wall design, the right furniture. If you are stylish, you know that every detail counts. After all, the kitchen is a place where you spend many hours. A place where one laughs and cries, a place of culinary harmony. Surely nobody wants to laugh or enjoy an ugly and completely inappropriate dining table. The following explains what should be considered when choosing the right dining table.

Which dining table fits in your kitchen?

– How big is your room?
– How many people should be seated at the table?
– Which material do you prefer?
– What shape should the table have?
– What quality is important to you?
– Which color should the dining table have?
– Which chairs do you want?

Who, how, what, why, why, why? You also have to ask these questions here. First of all: Is a dining table necessary or do you rather feed on the floor? If the bottom is the choice, then unfortunately we have to part. The famous “We can eat from the ground” does not count.

Size and space

A dining table is logically useful either in the kitchen or in a dining room. If the table comes in a dining room, it can be adapted to the room; if the table comes into the kitchen, space for cooking should be included. There is nothing worse than stumbling over chairs, tables and seated guests while cooking. Of course you think: bigger is better. But you have to weigh how many people usually dine at the table and how many should have maximum space there – such as at a home meeting with friends or family.

Material and shape

The look of the dining table depends not only on personal taste, but also on the wallet. Dining tables are usually made of wood, glass and stone, preferably combined with metal. The shapes in the trade are oval, round, square or rectangular. If the table is designed to measure, it can have any conceivable shape.

– Wood: is sturdy and durable. If scratches occur, the handyman can sand the surface.
– Glass: is elegant and modern. If large objects fall on it, there are at best jumps, in the worst case total loss.
– Natural stone: is hard and indestructible. Costly and heavy, but worth every penny.

Combinations and functionality

The height of the dining table is also important. Especially in relation to the height of the chairs. Chairs are a topic of their own anyway. The dining table should be best bought together with the chairs, as an accident combination can make any dining table tasteless. And ultimately makes us unusable.

When the questions about the number of people, the functionality, the chairs, the room and the material have been asked and answered, there is nothing to prevent the purchase of the perfect dining table. And then you can live, laugh, cook, eat and fight at the table. As in every good kitchen.