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Decorate the Christmas tree: That’s how it gets cozy!

Decorate the Christmas tree: That’s how it gets cozy!

The agony of the Christmas tree election

Your Christmas balls can be so beautiful, if the tree is crooked and crooked, loses every elaborated ball concept its effect. Finding the right tree requires patience and a good eye, but also depends on the living situation and your taste. Some like it tight, others prefer to give the balls some space. Last but not least, that is Christmas tree Vote also a price question. So, look up at the Christmas tree purchase, otherwise the Christmas tree will not decorate later on!

  • Classic: The Nordmann fir is not very cheap, but impresses with a beautiful, deep green and a uniform, dense growth.
  • Fragrant: blue spruce smell especially intense after Advent! The Christmas tree is in the middle price segment, grows in floors and is particularly suitable for heavy jewelry.
  • durable: The Edeltanne has silvery-gray needles and an otherwise quite compact appearance with dense branches. The long durability also has its price, which is similar to the Nordmann fir.
  • inexpensive: (Red) spruces do not last that long. If you want to leave the Christmas tree but only briefly, then the cheap fir is perfect for you.
  • ArtificiallyIf you do not feel like beating and disposing of a Christmas tree every year, you’re on one of the many artificial alternatives back. They convince by easy handling and lose no needles.

Fairy lights or real candles?

Let there be light, but how? Whether real candles or not, is a matter of taste, living conditions (such as with children) and the space in the apartment. If you love candles in the tree, it is best to combine them with one light string, In particularly beautiful moments, such as for the presentation, you ignite the candles on, during the day you switch on the electric lights in the tree.

Decorate the Christmas tree

It applies as always: is allowed, what pleases. Straight to Christmas it can be in things Decoration do not become too much. These are our favorites:

  • Matt, shiny, glittering and with little pictures – Christmas balls work best when you combine different surfaces and sizes in the Christmas tree
  • Straw stars create a beautiful rustic break to the balls
  • DIY pendants, such as fluffy paper snowflakes or golden spiked pine cones provide that certain something
  • Baked hearts of salt dough or gingerbread complete the Christmas tree