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House architecture ideas that showcase beautiful homes

House architecture ideas that showcase beautiful homes

It is interesting to note that house architecture is one of those timeless design elements that has the ability to define a culture. Home architecture ideas have changed over the years, but the way they talk to us hasn’t changed. They tell us a lot about the things that people consider important in their way of life.

The house architecture ranges from very simple to very complex. It is influenced by practical considerations such as economy, weather conditions, and the average size of the family unit. Beyond that, however, there is an element of undeniable creativity that is expressed in housing.

This is recognized by the fact that in today’s culture, many exquisitely beautiful works of home architecture can be sold for millions of dollars. Some of them are bought simply because of the architect’s fame.

The house architecture is now considered a great oversized work of art. The art is shown for the enjoyment of those who live there and the community in which it is located.

It is good to know that as individual as humans there are practically unlimited design possibilities to satisfy even the most demanding buyer.

Beautiful houses are one of the things that tourists remember the most when visiting a city. So it’s no wonder that so much time and thought are put into designing a house. When you consider how many years a home can last, home architecture ideas need to stand the test of time. Fortunately, we have many good examples of this.

Edge House by Mobius Architects

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The 8 meter high limestone cliff, the remainder of an old stone pit, creates the character of the property, which is also underlined by a very interesting panoramic view of the hills surrounding the city.

The plot consists of three levels: the level of the green terraces created with the project of the building, the arms that make it up, the plot on which the ground floor of the building is located and the plot below the cliff which is the rest of the garden.

House from Weber Design Group

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