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Decorative Bookshelf: So it becomes an eye-catcher!

Decorative Bookshelf: So it becomes an eye-catcher!

Books and magazines must be given adequate space. Bookcases come in all imaginable sizes, shapes, lengths, colors and materials. The furniture should, however, always be chosen consciously and adapted to the style of the rest of the furnishings.

The bookshelf: eye-catcher in the living room

Bookcases exert a magical attraction on visitors: one is interested in which literature is read and in which direction the literary taste goes. And because book covers make a visual impression, they should not be hidden in a closed piece of furniture. Use furniture like shelves or a bookcase!

In a living room in the Country-style For example, a rustic shelf or a complete bookcase made of wood is particularly good. In contrast, modern furnished rooms require a rather minimalist shelf (for example, metal shelves).

Bookshelf as a decorative object

More and more often it is observed that a bookshelf is not bought solely for its functionality. Artfully decorated and stylishly arranged, it becomes a highlight in every room. For example, books can be sorted by color or size to give a visual stimulus.

Pretty bookends and cleverly placed deco elements may be used to loosen up. Dainty vases or even small figures, tealight holders or memorabilia such as Picture Frame which are arranged with personal photos on the shelf. This is how the bookshelf becomes a small gallery.

Where can bookshelves be set up?

Most of these shelves are in the living room, Here the evening can be relaxed with a good book on the sofa or the favorite chair finish. It is particularly nice that all your favorite books are within reach and in the field of vision, to be able to browse to your heart’s content.

But of course there is also a shelf in the bedroom conceivable. After all, books radiate a sense of cosiness and just before falling asleep you can read a few pages to relax.

Who has enough space in the Hall has, can also put up a shelf on which a few magazines or illustrated books are stored – just when you have to wait for someone, it is a good job to take a look at the shelf.

That too study is a predestined place for the installation of bookshelves. Some bookworms and bookworms are lucky enough to have a private one Library or to call a reading room her own. Here you can feel it in his dearest wing chairs make yourself comfortable with a steaming cocoa and spend hours browsing through books.