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Country style: So you bring him home!

Country style: So you bring him home!

The longing for life in the countryside – that comes over you after a stressful day. No time to drive away? With the country house style, this relaxing atmosphere can be transformed into a city apartment.

So you bring the country house style to you:

Natural materials, like wood, rattan Stone, ceramics and clay are often used in country house style. Also cotton, linen and leather must not be missing. Above all, modern elements from the vintage style, shabby-chic or used-look can be wonderfully combined with the country-house style to make the style visually lighter. This refers to furniture that looks or actually uses and has obvious signs of wear.

  • Accents: Best with romantic flower patterns, for example on porcelain. Even fresh flowers and branches are living decoration elements that are part of the country house style. Actually, you can use everything from the garden to spice up the style: colorful flowers in the summer, pumpkins and holly trees in the cold seasons.
  • Colour: Wild color combinations can not be found in the country house style, especially pastel and natural tones and traditional patterns dominate here. But to make sure the overall picture does not look too pale, fresh accents like stripes or dots in stronger colors can be used.
  • Decoration: Modern and carefree is this style, which can be implemented with just a few accessories. Wall lights, wooden details, candles, Ornaments: There is a lot of room for maneuver decoration, Even old pieces of furniture you can quickly turn yourself into the country house style.
  • Place: The country house style looks especially good in the bedroom, He ensures peace in the bedroom and a restful sleep. Nice carvings on bed are a playful accent, the bedding is chosen with a delicate floral pattern. Metal can be combined particularly well with wood, for example in the form of a large lamp or a bedside table.

Do it yourself

Do it yourself is the motto! Anyone who does not find what they are looking for at the flea market or does not want to spend money on new objects can also design their own vintage-style furniture. For example, you can the wardrobe in the bedroom by pickling older appear. In the trade one finds already prefabricated mordants. It is only important that the surface of the furniture is untreated and free of grease. In case of emergency, you have to sand it down beforehand. Also white color can be used in combination with a dark thin film glaze super for a vintage look.

Furniture with drawer elements like a commode you can change your style individually in a special way. For example, you can paint the individual drawers in different colors or beautify them with the napkin technique. This gives you a unique piece at home that does not exist again.