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How to grow Calla Lily and Liles from bulbils

There are two main types of lilies to grow: oriental lily and Asiatic lily. Oriental lilies usually have large, fragrant pink flowers. They thrive in acidic soils and should therefore be grown in containers with ericaceous compost. Asiatic lilies have a greater variety of colors including yellow, orange, red and …

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How to easily design a pretty planter garden

Before anything else, choose the right planters for your garden if you don’t already have them. If you have a smart, modern space, choose simple matching pieces. Alternatively, if yours is an Italian or garden style, why not splash out on elaborate stone or terracotta urns? You can mix and …

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How to Build Coleus Pots Design in Your Garden

4 Ways to Design With Coleus and +24 photos If you’re having trouble finding the right plant for the right place, this versatile performer offers a wealth of options snakes who have yet to discover coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides cvs., USDA Hardiness Zone 11) are missing out on the staggering number …

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