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most comfortable bed 2019

most comfortable bed 2019

One can take great advantage of the space in the children bedroom by selecting the children bed carefully. The modern beds are designed specially to save space and provide full functionality of the bed.

 Bunk beds: Bunk beds are the best option to save space or if there are more than one child. They can also be separated.

 Single beds: Single beds popular for young children. If the bedroom is big than this would be a better option as they are not expensive too.

 Cabin beds: A cabin beds may also include a storage space underneath or a pullout bed. It is a very convenient way to save space in the room.

 Sleep station beds: It is a modern type of children bed unit which not only consist of bed but also drawers, shelves, cupboard, table, chair etc. The bed is placed high which can be reached through a ladder.

 Cot: Cot is a bed for infants. It has boundaries at the ends to ensure safety and protection for the baby.

• Size of the bedroom: Depending upon the size of the bedroom one can select the children bed. If there is less space in the bedroom one can go for bunker or sleeper beds. If the room is large then single bed for your child is the best option.

• Safety: Ensure the safety of the child when buying a bed for them. For small children the bed should have side protection so that they do not fall in their sleep. Also the material used for making the bed should not injure the child in anyway.

• Functions: Decide on the functionality of the bed. If the children room is small you can select a sleep station bed. It can save money and space for other furniture in the room.

 Toddler beds: They are best for children between 1 to 4 years

 Twin beds: These are suitable for little bigger children that fall in the age group 4 to 18 years

 Full beds: These are for young children between the ages of 6 to 18 years.