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car beds

car beds

For children, an environment is important in which they feel comfortable and which inspires their imagination. With one of cars you make your little racer a great pleasure. The children’s beds in the sporty racing design come up with numerous loving details. Thanks to their stable and child-friendly construction, the bedsteads provide security – even if the race track is a little more turbulent.

Exciting cots for little racers: car beds

For children, it is enormously important that they are provided from an early age on an environment that provides a vital lifestyle. This is exactly where the nursery comes into play: as a safe retreat, it should create a feel-good atmosphere and at the same time provide enough space for imaginative games.

Special flair thanks to playful applications

Just like their real counterparts – the Formula 1 cars – cars are thoughtfully designed and extremely robust. The attractively rounded side panels made of MDF meet z. As well as the function and increase thanks to the absence of sharp edges security siginifikant. The rear spoiler of many carettes also act as a handy storage area for alarm clock, glass and Co. So your child can enjoy after a strenuous race the well-deserved pit stop with a drink break in bed. Some of models also come with a storage box that opens like a bonnet.

This is how the nursery becomes a complete racing stable

The numerous elements that bring the tense Formula 1 feeling to your home bear witness to the attention to detail. So some beds have race tires with shiny rims and are equipped with stylish rear wings. The curved bodies are also often held in strong signal colors and provided with race-typical imprints such as flames and starting numbers: Thus, all prerequisites for thrilling adventures of your small racing car pilot are given and the child’s imagination gets free rein.