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Cloud pillow

Cloud pillow

We all need a minimum of 8 hours of good sleep not only for our bodies to rest and relax but to also stimulate various psychological and Physiological body functions. However many of us do not get the recommended 8 hours of sleep due to the beddings we have. We have old pillows or pillows that do not offer the right support. Today with these pillows we offer you the best solution to your sleep problems and we pledge that you will never sleep the same way again, you will sleep better.

The cloud pillow is the made of the latest sleep technology that is 100 years in the making and it is made with the intension of relieving the sleeper of bad sleeping experiences.

Designed with special air beads that help you in breathing at night which helps reduce the tossing and turning at night, it keeps you cool throughout the night and this ultimately helps you to sleep well at night. These same air beads support your head. Your head weighs ten pounds and without proper support you are likely to wake up with a lot of problems. This cloud pillow not only supports your head, it also keeps you comfortable while supporting your head and neck.

To reduce the head cramps we usually wake up with, or the knots around our necks. This pillow is specially designed not only to give support of those critical areas but to also ensure that muscles around those areas are soothed and comfortable so that you can sleep the whole night and wake up the next day refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

If you like to sleep on your back or on your side this pillow is still good for you as you can sleep in whichever position you like as the technology used to make this pillow makes the fibers of the pillow move with your head, whether it’s to the side or the back you are assured that you will get the right amount of support for both your head and neck.