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Impressive home library design ideas for 2018

Impressive home library design ideas for 2018

If you are looking for a modern and cool home, you need to put in more effort than decorating the living room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen.

They represent the baseline of what to invest in a contemporary decor. However, when you get to a higher level, a whole new and creative space is required.

A good guideline to follow when looking for something special is your hobby or the interests of other residents. Be it in the media playrooms or in the stone and brick chimneys where the family likes to gather.

Home libraries were, are and will remain a smart idea. What’s better, book arrangements and home library furniture have never been as cute as they are now, which is why you need to consider a home library.

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017 - 15 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: Kendall Wilkinson Design

Plus, you only buy books that really make you richer. That’s why we believe that people here and there deserve a home library more than a few shelves.

If you’re creative and want to buy good second-hand readings, your small home library won’t even cost a lot.

When worrying about space, do some practical thinking and incorporate ideas like home office libraries or balcony reading centers. A modern home library doesn’t have to be a library in the truest sense of the word.

Library room ideas are also good because they speak for your favorite pastime and help you show off the collections that you have amassed over the years and arranged with maximum attention.

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017 - 16 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: Robbins architecture

In addition, the design of the home library is a fun experience, the end result of which is a private and comfortable getaway, be it a room or a lightly furnished corner where you can forget all your worries and sail into the unknown.

However, if your home library ideas are inspired by classic design, you can always count on the special adventure and transcendent ambience that will bring your imagination and imagination together.

Indeed – your home library can be a whole new imaginary world!

Design ideas for the home library

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017-1 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: Pierre Paul Design

The fact that we are living in a fully digitized era does not change the feeling of holding a good book between your hands.

Designers agree more than ever that presenting Nietzsche and Proust copies at home is something warm and personal, and they greatly encourage the creation of comfortable home libraries.

Homeowners have full freedom to choose between cozy and formal environments and suggest a variety of best practices gathered from fans around the world:

Industrial home libraries for office and study

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017 - 5 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: David Howell Design

The only thing you will need for this library is shelves made from recycled wood with separate pieces connected with beams and metal bars.

Traditional, ornate home libraries with dark-stained wooden furniture

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017 - 4 Impressive Home-Library-Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: Joni Koenig Interiors

If you want your library to be really traditional, fill it with details, wooden furniture, and rich leather.

Venetian plaster walls in red and map ceiling are enough to add texture and visual interest. However, you can also incorporate the stairs you planned and make the place more functional with plush carpets, floor-to-ceiling curtains, and a stone-made fireplace.

Rock Creek Libraries

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017 - 2 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: The PFA Design Group

With a stone fireplace as an accent point, consider other rustic details like lighted shelves and ladders.

Elevated comfort and serenity

Image source: designer name

Nobody says you shouldn’t be playing with your library design, but a really comfortable and serene design looks best in an elegant setting covered in gold and silver tones, metal, stone, and glass to add texture and dimension.

What is really typical for these libraries is the semi-hidden storage of books, which is ideally implemented through built-in shelves or side cabinets.

Arty libraries

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017 - 3 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: The Berman Building Co.

Once you’ve made up your mind to combine your library with your workspace, make sure it pleases your eyes and your soul every time you walk in.

Imagine a gallery wall or sculptural, unique desk, or hire an artist to decorate the walls with original murals. That way, you get a library that everyone will admire.

Modern living room libraries

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017-7 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: Lizette Marie interior design

Imagine a living room with reclaimed Victorian armchairs, soft gray walls, and curved bookshelves. It would look lovely, wouldn’t it?

Handy storage libraries

Impressive-home-library-design-ideas-for-2017-17 Impressive-home-library-design-ideas for 2018Image source: JayJeffers

Remember that the purpose of decorating a library is not just to ensure a comfortable place to read, but most importantly to store all of your collections in a logical way.

This means that you should definitely consider Tuscan-style libraries, which look elegant with their arched doors and high ceilings, but are also elegantly complimented with wall-to-wall shelves for easy storage. Use only dark wood for classic looks.

Light managed libraries

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017-8 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: Griffin Enright Architects

Take advantage of the fact that your library is bathed in natural sunshine and make sure you feel like you belong there every time you walk in.

You can achieve this with ornate window frames, warm wood furniture, and glazed doors. The essence of these libraries is masculine, but you can still spice them up with colorful details and flowers.

Remember, bookshelves and stairs make every library unique!

Shelf display libraries

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017-18 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: Gailani Designs Inc.

With the shelf display you can present all valuable collections and accompany them with memorabilia for the family. If you have a stone fireplace there, use it as an accent point.

Small reading corners

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017-9 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: Richardson Architects

If you have a small apartment or live alone, an entire library room may not make sense. Instead, use an available living room corner or an open landing as a reading corner and transform it into the highlight of your modern home.

Chess game and clubhouse libraries

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017-19 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: Rockefeller Partners Architects

These are mostly male libraries with a simple layout and sliding ladders, inspired by either classic design solutions or retro themes.

Their main feature is elegance and functionality, which is why furniture made of wood and is minimized and comfort is ensured by socialization zones. They are the perfect meeting point for fellow readers.

Bookshelves only

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017-11 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: Moon design + build

Scandinavian libraries, like Scandinavian style in general, are inspired by simplicity and minimalism, which is why they often include a simple, floor-to-ceiling bookcase set up in a neutral-painted room with nothing but comfortable leather armchairs and abstract art.

If you want to work there, add a desk next to the bookcase.

Combine functions and add a desk to your bookcase wall.

Victorian libraries for the whole family

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017-10 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: DesRosiers Architects

How about a library that doubles as the meeting room for your family? At best, residents can share love and admiration for literature by a stylish fireplace decorated with antiques.

A cozy reading corner around the window

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017 - 12 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: Jacob Lilley Architects

If you have a large and impressive deep-framed window, put your reading nook next to it. Basically, all you have to do is add a handy bookcase, armchair or rocking cabinet, and small coffee table.

Staircases and wooden libraries

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017-14 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: CG&S design build

In some of the best-designed offices in the world, libraries are lofts and wooden-framed squares, while homeowners recreated the idea with space-saving staircases.

The ideal material for a bookcase is wood, ideally in rooms where the floors are dark wood and the walls are white.

Study libraries

Impressive-home-library-design-ideas-for-2017-13 Impressive-home-library-design-ideas for 2018Image source: Peter A. Sellar – architecture photographer

If you plan to use books for research purposes, design a country style library where the decorations are rustic and traditional and all the books are always on hand.

A custom roller ladder also helps. If you’re working in a team or want to talk about progress, make sure there is a comfortable seating area as well.

Hidden Libraries

Or, if you prefer, Asian libraries: these are study rooms with separate media cabinets and multiple drawers for easy and practical storage.

The most exciting thing about them is that they are very private, usually small side rooms with secret entrances.

However, wooden furniture adds to its classy appearance.

Transitional and Modern Libraries

Impressive-Home-Library-Design-Ideas-for-2017-6 Impressive Home Library Design-Ideas for 2018Image source: Michael Fullen Design Group

Put a study table in the middle or a small modern lounge for multiple readers and surround it with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

In summary, make sure your books are well organized and divided so that finding a particular book is never a problem.

You can personalize the library with memorabilia and artwork, and make sure there is extra space for newcomers and gift collections.