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Adorn your porch with colorful vines

Some of our favorite flowering vines produce abundant blooms only in the spring and provide lush green backdrops for the rest of the summer season. Others bloom from summer to autumn with continuous flowering. But one thing they all have in common is that they will climb a trellis with …

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How to Make an Amazing Garden Island

The veranda, the basic design element, follows the original path in the garden, and the central hotel lobby is transformed into a tea house. The former canopies are replaced and extended into a closed loop with the teahouse as the start and also the end point for the path. The …

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Accent your garden with a small pond

Many people think about how to water a garden. They may struggle with questions like “How much water should I give my garden?” or “How often should I water a garden?” It’s really not as complicated as it seems, but there are a few things that should be considered. These …

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How to grow and care for Fuchsia

A sunny or dappled-shady spot is best for a healthy plant and a good show of flowers They will tolerate most soil types, but will not fare well in the extremes where the ground is wet or dry Hedges of hardy fuchsia only really grow well in mild locations – …

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How to build tiny charming planter for your kitchen

Blackboard hydroponic planting This slim, attractive container not only allows you to label your herbs for faster cooking, but also packs in hydroponic growing techniques. It comes with a pre-programmed timer, a quiet air pump, a tray of three plant bases, a dirt-free growing medium and a ¾-liter water reservoir. …

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