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Window treatments for French doors

Window treatments for French doors

French doors are a tasteful decor solution and an elegant idea for any interior.

In many cases, they look nice enough not to be covered. However, there are a number of window treatments for French doors that can add impact, make them colorful, balance out access to light, and provide the privacy you and your family need.

The best part of this process is the range of window treatments available for French doors, from frosted designs to tall curtains, brightly colored fabrics, and Roman hues that can add adorable to your home.

The choice of French door curtains This mainly depends on whether you have opted for sliding doors or have opted for the architecturally more interesting and cohesive principle of opening inwards.

Window treatments for French doors9 window treatments for French doorsImage source: Fiona Andrews Interiors Limited

When choosing the ideal window coverings for French doors, consider the need for privacy, access to natural light, as well as the color and decoration scheme already implemented.

Finally, consider your budget and make sure that your French door panels are not only practical but also beautiful.

How to choose the best curtains for French doors

Window Treatments for French Doors10 window treatments for French doorsImage source: Interiors by Myriam, LLC

The most popular choice for French doors are tab-top curtains, which are easy to attach to the window rod and do not require elegant rings and accessories that could make the doors look overwhelming.

In addition, they are extremely easy to manufacture and do not require an expensive purchase.

The wide range of attractive options will be both challenging and beneficial.

If you are lucky enough to swing instead of Sliding doorsOptions are limited to long curtains and full curtains, while in the opposite case you would have to agree on vertical French blinds, which are not that easy to install.

If you want them to work properly, you’ll need to install them outside the window to make sure they can be operated and fully assemble them every time you want to open and use the window.

So, consider the ways and directions your doors open and close, and don’t choose treatments until you’ve confirmed that they can be practical.

Overall, you have to choose between French doors that open inwards and those that open outwards. Some of you may not be that important decision, but our tips will help you understand why this is the most important decision.

Use your creativity

When we think of window coverings, the first ideas that come to mind are drapes, drapes, shutters, and blinds, but our options go well beyond such classic choices.

Many creative homeowners around the world have chosen to apply their art directly to the glass and created the stunning beveled-style doors that look beautiful even without expensive blinds and fabrics.

Double pole scissors and patterned curtains

Window treatments for French doors13 window treatments for French doorsImage source: Chango & Co.

The original concept for covering French doors is to attach two bars (one on top and one on the bottom) and distribute a cute, patterned rail between them.

Stretch the scissors evenly on both rods and collect them in the center to make sure that all folds are soft and even.

Going beyond simple aesthetics, banners are your most cost-effective option to control and filter the amount of light and ensure privacy in seconds.

You can go even further, but pick a suitable ribbon to tie it down the center of the curtain and give your windows the traditional hourglass look.

Simple shutters and common blinds for French doors

Window treatments for French doors1 Window treatments for French doorsImage source: Ben Duke

Some homeowners prefer to stay on the safe side and give a simple pair of shutters that can be pulled down in the evening or pulled back up in the morning.

The most popular option here is opting for a tiered option Roman shadesthat are easy to maintain and can be swapped out when your room needs refreshment.

Cellular shades

Window treatments for French doors2 window treatments for French doorsImage source: Claudia Martin, ASID

If you want to focus on the light filtering properties of your window treatments, be sure to try cell shades as these will fit seamlessly on all types of French doors and won’t interfere with the function of their handles.

In addition, they come with accordion pleats that make them more energy efficient. They are available in all colors and shades to suit the interior solution you want to freshen up.

They can cover the entire length of your window or half of it. Pulling back is enough to follow the movement of the sun and invite in just as much natural light as you need.

Pom-pom curtains

Window treatments for French doors12 window treatments for French doorsImage source: Sara Hopkins

Curtains are a nifty idea for window treatment, with which French doors fit into your interior and fit into their surroundings without much effort.

However, the creative souls among you may consider adding pompoms, postage stamps, or even zest for life ribbons to make them more personal and catchy for your visitors.

Pooled curtains

Window treatments for French doors5 window treatments for French doorsImage source: Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

Who told you that good window treatment solutions start with hanging curtains? While curtains are the easiest and most popular solution, they shouldn’t necessarily be transparent and hung from tall poles to avoid light when necessary.

It’s your game, and you can change the rules – install a decorative rod if necessary and hang plush and rich drapes on either side of the door or highlight the drapes with cool patterns that no one else would think of.

Any experiment that covers the practical aspect of your windows will work.

Confused, beribboned and bewitched

Window treatments for French doors11 Window treatments for French doorsImage source: ALICE SCHWARZE INTERIOR

There’s a reason most interior designers recommend fluffy organza ribbon for see-through curtains, and that’s the soft, cloud-like appearance they can ensure for your French doors.

For the best effect, we recommend a combination of white and light blue, as well as summery lines inspired by seersucker for a homely atmosphere.

Curtains on a grand scale

Window Treatments for French Doors3 window treatments for French doorsImage source: Murdock Solon Architects

Curtain lovers are also covered – their French doors can be made more elegant and visible in any living room, provided they know how to pick the right color, pattern, and material.

French blinds

Window Treatments for French Doors4 window treatments for French doorsImage source: Grace Dumalac Design

As with conventional doors, blinds for French doors are useful to filter light and ensure privacy.

The most attractive options are wood, vinyl, metal, or even synthetic wood. If they do not interfere with the functioning of the door handles, then you can consider them.

We particularly recommend it in rooms where blinds are already installed and in environments where the door is unlikely to be damaged if opened frequently.

DIY window treatments

Window treatments for French doors8 window treatments for French doorsImage source: Gina Fitzsimmons ASID

The on-site shop doesn’t offer the curtains you envisioned for your French door? Don’t worry, you can do it yourself! First, install an original rod (bamboo, copper, etc.), choose the right fabric and Design your own tab-top curtain.

Final thoughts

Window treatments for French doors6 window treatments for French doorsImage source: Symmetry architects

Have you found the right solution for your French doors?

Our suggestions were aimed at providing you with beautiful and practical solutions that would allow your French doors to look like an integral part of your interior and bring in just as much natural light as you need to create a comfortable and homely atmosphere.

The more creative you get, the more attractive your window treatments will be. Try out some of our ideas!

Few words of praise for French doors: a charming solution for an elegant home

Window treatments for French doors7 window treatments for French doorsImage source: THINK Architecture Inc.

French doors became famous in the early 17th century, when electric light was not yet invented. Only panes of glass and creative coverings helped the families carry out their normal activities.

At the same time, they were considered a stylish solution that made rooms appear airy and spacious and harmonized long and visually separate areas.

Therefore, French doors could be seen as both external and internal solutions, and their placement made it necessary to cover them. More specifically, French doors were used bare to separate living rooms from dining areas, or they were decorated with heavy curtains to ensure privacy between the bedroom and guest area.

These days, the choice of window coverings available is just endless, allowing you to turn even the bravest of your ideas into reality.