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Functionality and a good atmosphere with modern decor elements

Functionality and a good atmosphere with modern decor elements

Modern interior design is characterized by strict, straight lines and minimalist solutions. Modern living ideas are never overdone: designers try their best to use color and material in style, transforming even the simplest space into an amazing contemporary oasis.

The focus is on functionality and a good atmosphere, and this can be achieved with a few simple modern decor elements.

How can you give your home a modern decor? Let’s deal with this:

Keep things minimal

Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches1 Functionality and-good atmosphere-with-modern-decor touchesImage source: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Minimal is the best association for modernity. Fortunately, minimal decor costs less, it’s easier to maintain, and we feel more organized.

Regardless of the reasons why you need to transform your home into a modern and minimal remainder, the first thing you need to do is think of yourself. Are you a person who only likes a few well-organized items? Suppose it’s you, we’re moving forward.

Quality comes first

Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches12 Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor touchesImage source: Tara Seawright

Minimal decor is determined by the slogan “less is more”, which means that you should sacrifice quantity rather than quality.

If you want your space to look minimal, don’t compromise on quality: show off some selected pieces that look exceptional and give your space a unique look.

Black and white schemes

Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches14 Functionality and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor touchesImage source: Jennifer Worts Design Inc.

A very recognizable feature of modern interiors is the black and white contrast. Applying it you need to balance it properly and give white a more important role. Few black elements should be used to create depth and visual contrast.

Green is mandatory

Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches9 Functionality and-good atmosphere with-modern-decor-touchesImage source: Narofsky architecture + ways2design

Green is a great idea for any room as it adds to our health and positive mood.

If you believe that you have no conditions to look after a right plant, you can go for wrong ones to cheer you up with their mere presence. Before making a decision, consider your pets needs and not buy anything that could be toxic to them.

Metallic decor

Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches13 Functionality and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor touchesImage source: Space travel / architectural photography

The presence of metallic accessories is very typical in modern homes in order to create enormous effects in a seemingly empty room.

The best way is to use silver, gold and copper details, either through small furniture details or shiny surfaces. Choose them wisely and try not to overdo it. The results will be amazing.

Use light accordingly

Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches10 Functionality and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor touchesImage source: LDa architecture & interior

Lighting plays a very important role in contemporary interiors and is often seen as a key tactic in making a room look modern. Once again the market is full of creative lighting solutions, mostly dealing with clean and straight lines.

The most modern solution you can think of is to install track lighting or display fewer floor lamps in the corners. Modern interiors use bold and bold colors that add strength to the metal accessories, or add more flow to the colors you’ve already used in the room.

Long story short, they make a statement! However, this does not mean that traditional lighting options are not allowed. There are plenty of modern interiors with box-pattern sconces and long chandeliers.

All it takes is to find something that will go well with your interior.

Sofas and chairs

Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches8 Functionality and good atmosphere-with-modern-decor touchesImage source: Robert Mills Architects and Interior Designers

There are two things that make up modern furniture: straight, strong lines, and the lack of excessive ornamentation. Contemporary homes contain few essential pieces of furniture, usually those that are large and absolutely necessary.

When it comes to chairs and sofas, modern designers recommend what is known as the “floating plane” style, which means that furniture should be simple and refined, made of refined and sleek materials (tweed, microfiber, leather, etc.).

Just add a few more pieces and leave the room as airy and light as possible.


Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches7 Functionality and good atmosphere-with-modern-decor touchesImage source: Amory Brown

Contemporary floors are meant to be sleek and bare and made of either wood or shiny tiles. If you have to use rugs, choose rugs with calm colors and simple patterns, or throw some rugs instead.

Great prints

Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches5 Functionality and-good atmosphere with-modern-decor-touchesImage source: Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC

Modern furniture can also be decorated with large prints, especially if it belongs to creative and artistic people who like bold and personalized interiors.

The good side of prints is that you can replace them if you think your space needs a new look.

Geometric patterns are a very funky solution, but you don’t have to go that far: instead, you can go for quieter strips of solution, floral patterns, or similar patterns. In fact, you can use anything that will give your space the character you want.


Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches4 Functionality and-good atmosphere-with-modern-decor touchesImage source: RVP photography

We stick to the idea that light is essential in modern interiors, and we recommend that you use large and open windows without heavy blinds and curtains.

The lighter the better! Puffy curtains are just too decorative and don’t go with the minimalist idea of ​​keeping the room light and airy.

This also applies to furniture – you need to look for light and minimal pieces that do not stifle the light inside.

The importance of texture

Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches3 Functionality and-good atmosphere with-modern-decor touchesImage source: Andrew Howard interior design

Keeping in mind that there aren’t that many elements to experiment with, you have to use textures in a way that makes them interesting and attractive.

You can use all kinds of natural materials (granite, marble, stone, faux fur, etc.) or a modern glossy texture to make the place look more elegant.

The more textures you apply the better, but you need to know how to mix them up. If you are not sure, we recommend that you seek professional help or read one of the many helpful guides online.

Consider international texture solutions

Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches2 Functionality and-good atmosphere with-modern-decor touchesImage source: Amy Lau design

Contemporary decor is not just about straight lines and neutral walls. Indeed, you can take advantage of your modern interior to share your favorite travel moments by using international accessories as the hallmark of your modern home.

You can place your favorite Turkish carpet, an Ethiopian mesob or a Chinese chippendale. In case you find these types of décor too expensive, you can purchase simpler, culturally inspired designs to go with your furniture.

The effect is the same.


Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches16 Functionality and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor touchesImage source: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Tables follow the same pattern as sofas and chairs – they can be recognized by sharp horizontal lines and the refined use of materials like wood, glass, and metal.

Neatly shaped tables in combination with accent accessories (e.g. comfortable stools) are ideal for cozy rooms. However, you can also opt for an industrial look by simply adding a few shiny and reflective accessories.

Remember that modern cocktail tables are lower than traditional ones and the purpose is to emphasize simplicity and minimalism.

Focal red

Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches11 Functionality and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor touchesImage source: Rikki Snyder

Red is probably the only warm color that is common for both the walls and furniture in modern interiors. The best way to combine it is to use it with black and white schemes, a great choice for private and public spaces.

Decorate with your favorite art

Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches6 Functionality and-good atmosphere-with-modern-decor touchesImage source: Andrew Flesher Interiors

Art is a great way to personalize your space and show people what you really like. You can express your artistic side on walls or just hang some favorite pieces in strategic places.

Modern bedrooms

Functionality-and-good-atmosphere-with-modern-decor-touches15 Functionality and-good atmosphere-with-modern-decor touchesImage source: MiCasa

You should opt for platform beds with solid horizontal levels and a couple of simple bedside tables. The bed should obviously be the focal point in the room and all other parts should emphasize its importance.

A great way to fool the eyes is to use cantilever beds with the simple lines of modern decor positioned to look like artistic details.

Even if you have the simplest bed, interesting bed prints and colorful pillows can be used to make it look awesome. The colors should be deep and neutral instead of bright and loud.