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5 most popular inflatable hot tubs of 2018

5 most popular inflatable hot tubs of 2018

A hot tub is a dream of many homeowners. Unfortunately, they can be expensive to install and maintain.

The inflatable hot tub is the classic example of the saying “find a need and fill it”. Get one Family inflatable hot tub Using it is a great, portable alternative to the original.

Finding a good quality inflatable hot tub that will suit you and your family can be a challenge. But we’re here to help. So let’s take a look at the 5 most popular inflatable hot tubs of 2018.

1. Intex 85in

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Ideal for small whirlpool parties, the Intex offers space for up to six people. It has a built-in water treatment system that softens the water and makes being soaked in the hot tub a more comfortable experience, especially for your skin.

The Intex consists of Fiber Tech constructionThis doesn’t stretch like the hot tubs made from vinyl, it makes it more durable and is more likely to last a long time.

As is to be expected with whirlpools, 140 nozzles have been installed, which offer all “whirlpools” a pleasant experience.

2. Bestway Paris

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With a capacity of 3, it’s smaller than the Intex, but the Bestway Paris has some cool features that might appeal to you.

It has a built-in massage system that makes the hot tub even more enjoyable. There are also seven-color LED lights. The changing colors can create an additional layer of relaxation.

A plus for the smallness is that it fills up faster than larger hot tubs, so you can enjoy it earlier – indoors or out outside.

3. Bestway Miami

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With a 177 gallon capacity, the Miami – the world’s first inflatable hot tub – can hold up to four people. In contrast to other whirlpools, which take some time to heat up, the Miami offers the option of heating to 104 degrees within a few minutes.

No tools are required to set up the Miami. You just plug in the supplied pump, turn it on, and watch it inflate. Easy to use, including turning on the 120 jets, you and up to 3 other people can enjoy soothing moments in this affordable hot tub.

4. Bestway Sienna

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Bestway is doing it again with the Sienna. The Sienna is shaped like a large plastic bathtub and allows you to stretch out for relaxing moments of solitude or a very cozy get-together with your partner.

The Sienna is affordable and portable and has a built-in massage system. It is your answer to providing a spa experience without a major investment or major hot tub renovation.

Whether you’re looking for a good bathtub for tired and sore muscles or a place that you and your spouse can enjoy in private, consider the Sienna.

5. Coleman Lay Z Spa

coleman-lay-z-spa has the 5 most popular inflatable hot tubs of 2018

Coleman has long been known for great camping products. Now they have an inflatable hot tub called the Lay Z Spa.

It can inflate in a few minutes and deflate just as quickly when you’re ready to put it away. The exterior is made of puncture-proof material, which makes it very durable and you can keep it for a long time.

You and up to 5 other people enjoy the comfort and relaxing spa experience of the Lay Z Spa.


Your dream of a hot tub is within your grasp with a rubber dinghy. We hope you enjoy all of these things, whether you use them to ease the pain of a tired body or to have an intimate spa experience.