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How to Create a Budget Friendly Container Water Garden

A container water garden is, at the most basic level, a pot of water containing aquatic plants. Something this simple comes with a host of benefits – not only does it act as an elevated focal point for any landscape; it can also attract a host of wildlife to your space.

These man-made above-ground ponds are magnets for birds, squirrels, frogs and chipmunks. They add an element of tranquility to their surroundings, they can range from 20 liters to 500, and you will be happy to know that they are very maintenance free.

Choosing a container for your water garden
The concept of a container water garden is quite broad and ripe for adaptation. The first step to making it yours is of course choosing your container. Any type of waterproof container will do as long as it is at least six inches deep. The larger it is, the more viable it becomes as a habitat for plants and fish. Common vessels include buckets, tubs, resin whiskey stills, and large ceramic pots.

What to plant in your container water garden

Ponds-in-a-pot, as they are often called, are for more than just the usual water lilies (although you should definitely include water lilies as their beloved pads are great for regulating water temperature). The plants suitable for this environment fall into the following categories:

Floating plants: Water lettuce, water lilies and water hyacinth float on the surface and do not need to be planted in soil.
Marsh plants: Umbrella palms, papyrus, comfrey, dwarf sedge and colocasia grow best when the water barely covers the soil.
Oxygenators: Fanwort, Horwort and Arrowhead purify the water and add oxygen to it.