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Colorful design of the kitchen: pictures and ideas for colored kitchens

Colorful design of the kitchen: pictures and ideas for colored kitchens

Everyone knows how white in the kitchen. It becomes really individual in your kitchen, if you grasp the kitchen fronts or the walls to strong colors. Do not worry – skilful planning of a new kitchen will keep the whole thing stylish. We present to you 5 colorful ideas, with which you bring momentum into your kitchen!

Idea # 1: Kitchen island in cheerful yellow

This yellow kitchen island is definitely the highlight in the room. The dark wooden floor and the high white kitchen unit ensure that the colorful kitchen island really comes into its own. At the same time, the discreet background details also act as a quiet counterpart to the gaudy kitchen island.

Idea # 2: Country kitchen in strong red

The classic country kitchen is usually kept in a shade of white. As this kitchen example shows, a rustic country style kitchen has a red dress as well. In bold red, the typical cassette fronts are particularly good effect. The bright stone countertop and the wooden worktop ensure that the kitchen design does not look lifted.

Idea # 3: Handleless kitchen in cool blue

This kitchen exudes pure tranquility. On the one hand contributes to the blue tone, on the other hand, the simple lines and the handle-less fronts. The blue kitchen island in combination with the white glossy fronts of the upper cabinets gives a coherent overall picture.

Idea # 4: Modern kitchen in soft purple

The brave dare even approach the color scheme of the kitchen to Lilatöne. In this kitchen example, a white kitchen worktop was set, which neutralizes the bold color of the kitchen unit. The subtle color scheme of the kitchen wall also ensures that this extraordinary kitchen comes into its own and gets a quiet antipole.

Idea # 5: Country kitchen in smoke blue

Who wants to bring some color into the planning of the new kitchen, but does not want to exaggerate, is well advised with a  smoke blue. This country house kitchen gets a slightly cooler and fresher look due to the blue design and the combination with concrete elements.