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Create a wagon wheel crown all by yourself

Create a wagon wheel crown all by yourself


If you have an old rustic room that does not have any decent lighting yet, it’s time to get yourself a wagon wheel crown. Most chandeliers available online and in stores are quite expensive, however, and not everyone can afford it, but you do not have to worry because it is not that difficult to make a chandelier and anyone can do it from the comfort of their Home. In this article I will tell you the simple steps you need to follow,

Step 1:

Almost always determine the number of masonry jars you need. The larger the cart wheel, the more cans are needed. At the moment, do not fix the cart, just place them and mark their place by dividing them evenly so that you later have no problems.

Step 2:

The second step would be to place the holders on the cart wheel. For this you need to drill holes so that the holder is firmly attached. Now go over to the middle of the holders, where you will find metal flaps that you need to fold over. These are important because they will hold the masonry jars.

Step 3:

For the next step, you need to fix the lamp adapters properly on top of the masonry jars. You also need to cut the S-hooks because they hold the chain together.

Step 4:

This step includes installation of the roof hook. This hook holds the entire chandelier. Therefore, it is important because it determines the length of how low or high you want to give yourself the wagon crown. When installing the hook, it is important that you refer to the manufacturer’s guide so that any errors or mistakes are avoided.

Step 5: