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Spanish interior design ideas and elements

Spanish interior design ideas and elements

The Spanish interior design is a great idea if you are looking for a theme that is sophisticated and classy while maintaining a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Originally popular in California, Texas, and Florida in the early to mid-20th centuries, Spanish home furnishings are still popular today. Homes furnished in this style are likely to sell faster and at a higher price.

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When you create a home with a Spanish interior design theme, you create a space with a truly Mediterranean feel no matter where in the world you live, conjuring up images of rustic villas, relaxed siestas, colorful parties, and traditional family values.

Using the Spanish interior design will help you create a welcoming and friendly home that is still practical and good for living. When you combine the use of bold, colorful statements with cool tiles and floors, you have the opportunity to be really creative while maintaining a balance in your design.

Go spanish!

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To give you inspiration when considering creating a Spanish style interior design element in your home, it is a good idea to collect different images to give you some ideas. Check out some Spanish artwork, pictures of traditional Spanish events like bullfighting, flamenco dancing, and fiestas, and photos of the country, and check out other houses designed with a Spanish theme as well. Some of the artists you should inspire include Picasso, Goya, Miro, and Dali. You might want to look at some of their pictures.

Perhaps you have some souvenirs from a Spanish vacation that you would like to take with you to keep your memories alive.

Walls and ceilings

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The Spanish interior design demands that the walls be plain and textured and that wallpaper is never used. Creating a textured or artificial finish on the walls gives a really authentic Spanish look. This can be achieved in two ways. Use different types of brushes or sponges to apply slightly different shades of the same color, to add dimension, or to apply a special finish by mixing the polymer with a cement plaster and applying it on the walls, followed by two coats of layer or 100% acrylic paint to create the effect of a plastered wall. If you’d like to try any of these techniques, it’s best to create a test area on a small portion of the wall and experiment a little before you start working on your entire room.


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The use of carpets in Spanish interior design is very rare. Instead, some type of hard floor is usually laid across the property, with carpets and matting added as needed. However, if you really feel you need a rug, Spanish rugs are usually beige or cream in color with green or yellow linear patterns and are made of a knot weave with staggered rows.

The most traditional form of flooring in Spanish interior design is hardwood, although it is more expensive, it is a far warmer option than tile and looks beautiful.

Tiles are a cheaper option and can also make a really effective Spanish interior design element, especially if you use terracotta tiles with dark grout, although slate or heavy, frosted ceramic tiles can also be good choices.

Using some complementary woven rugs is a really good addition to complete your look.


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Since effective Spanish interior design makes good use of light and space, try to avoid overcrowding your rooms with furniture and instead try to keep living areas practical and neat.

Furniture should be made of dark wood or wrought iron. Using used or worn furniture can help you achieve a truly authentic, rustic Spanish look.

Hanging Spanish paintings, metal artwork, or interesting shelves are also great ways to add a Spanish element to your design plans.

Veranda and patio

There is a lot of Spanish life outdoors, which is reflected in the Spanish interior. So your patio or porch will become an important part of creating a home with this theme. Spanish homes aim to incorporate outdoor areas into the home as much as possible, using French doors or archways that lead out of dining areas or living rooms. Decorate your patio or porch with wrought iron tables and chairs or wooden or wicker furniture to create a really nice area for outdoor living. This includes brightly colored pillows, a fire pit and lots of plants and flowers in pots and hanging baskets for a really good result, Spanish-style exterior to match the interior of your home.


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Using a variety of lanterns, wrought iron sconces, and candlesticks can massively increase the Spanish fee for your design. Citronella candles are a typical scent that the Spaniards use to deter mosquitoes and other insects.

Make sure your rooms are as bright as possible as this really helps to maintain the Mediterranean flair of your Spanish interior design theme regardless of what the weather is like outside.


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Spanish interior design involves the use of many accessories such as porcelain, ceramics, wrought iron and fabrics. Use carpets, curtains, and pillowcases to enhance your look, as well as wrought iron curtain rods, door handles, and chandeliers, and display items such as plates, vases, or ceramic ornaments. It is advisable not to use too many additional items to avoid making rooms appear cluttered.

Tips to keep in mind while decorating with a Spanish interior design theme

  • This is a decorative style that uses finely carved wooden items such as door frames and window grilles.
  • Use Spanish patterns to look effective. A good example of this is the Moorish influence inside

Catalan painted tiles and ceramics.

  • Use plain walls and bold colors elsewhere in your designs for an authentic feel.
  • Keep the floor simple and use carpets
  • Make good use of outside space

Using a Spanish interior design theme in your home will help you create a vibrant and welcoming environment with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, whether you are inspired by a rural retreat, a beach villa or a traditional old-fashioned house.

Now that you have all the information you need and the best of luck in completing your own Spanish interior design ideas.

We’d love to hear your feedback on projects you’ve carried out with Spanish furnishings

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