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Redefining luxury with queen sized beds

Redefining luxury with queen sized beds

Queen sized beds were introduced in the mid-20th century by the Americans as a luxury bed size referring to a medieval title of a queen. In the mid-1960s, the global furniture industry introduced the queen bed size as compared to the previous king size in fashion. The queen sized mattress was used introduced as an intermediate between the standard double and the king bed size as the length for the queen bed size was kept the same while the width was reduced from 76inches to 60 inches from king size to introduce the queen size in the United States. The queen sized bed is often referred to be used in guest rooms or small master bedrooms which require less space than the king bed size enabling the queen size to provide the same comfort and length for taller people as the king size.

The king size arrived as a rising trend among the common mass due to its spacious luxury and ideal size for a couple as compared to the traditional sizes. This size has been quite popular and trendy among the low income families as an icon of elegance and sophistication. King sized beds normally form the market for big sized people and for master bedrooms which later onwards led to the introduction of the queen size beds.

Many Queen sized beds have been introduced over time to experiment the needs and wants of the potential customer market of the bedding industry and only a considerable amount of market has been captured by the queen bed size to put the size into production. The Standard twin size and Standard double sizes are the most commonly used bed sizes worldwide. The queen size bed was also introduced as an alternative size for both the elite and Middle class which

became a standardized size later onwards. The introduction of the affordable metallic alloyed beds on horizon in the modern world led many low income families to be familiar with the rising trend of the queen bed size in the same cost as the traditional beds causing a rising demand of queen bed size in the contemporary world

Luxury was produced to the newly introduced queen bed size to provide their potential consumers with more attractive products. Thus, as a result, the queen size was commonly referred to the Middle class looking to opt for luxury beds. The queen bed size is still referred as luxurious bedding size as compared to the king bed size up to date which holds the major market share for luxury beds after the standard twin size in the modern world.