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DIY wall mount desk design ideas

DIY wall mount desk design ideas

In the past, working from home was less of a gift; today it is a regular practice for many people with current work schedules.

Many studies estimate that one in five people in the US works at least part of their regular working hours from home and that home offices must be viewed as an integral part of interior design.

Whether you can afford an office or work in a corner of your living room, a DIY desk is still a good idea. This article provides some useful tips on how to maximize your workspace.

One of the best ideas for saving space in small apartments is to install a wall desk. Wall tables and floating desks are cute and easy to install, and take up a small portion of the space that was originally left for your traditional desk.

This will make your room appear cleaner and clearer, and you will finally have the additional floor space you have always dreamed of. For extremely small spaces, consider a folding wall table that doesn’t take up any space at all.

4 basic tricks for a great home office

Diy-wall-desk-for-a-pleasant-job4 DIY wall-desk design ideasImage source: Murray Legge architecture

  • Small rooms offer space for all your belongings: with an intelligent interior solution you can. Even if you can’t afford to make a special office, you can choose an unused corner to make it a home office. It can be part of your hallway, a corner on your closed balcony, or just the space behind your living room door – the possibilities are endless!
  • Adequate lighting: Space is much less important than lighting – if you want to work, you need access to natural light. However, if you can’t afford this, make sure there is an artificial light fixture that is reasonably operable without necessarily causing glances at your computer screen.
  • A cool standing desk: Standing while working is one of the best strategies for improving focus, but it’s also one that keeps you on alert and burns calories during the time you’d rather be in the gym. Plus, standing desks are fantastic solutions for the advanced and modern homeowner that look simply stunning.
  • Beautiful and Functional: The balance between these two is your number one goal and one that doesn’t necessarily include a filing cabinet. There are many organization and storage solutions you can consider depending on the space, such as: B. Leather baskets for unusable paper or lidded baskets for office supplies and supplies.

Functional and practical suggestions

Diy-wall-desk-for-a-pleasant-job1 DIY wall-mounted desk design ideasImage source: Sarah Barnard Design

What now appears like a useless block between the walls that seems closer than necessary can easily become a nice work area.

You may not have all of the storage space a traditional desk provides, but with a little creativity you can organize supplies (hanging baskets, floating shelves, etc.).

A wall-mounted computer desk is a great solution for this area, especially if you spend a lot of time working.

To make it convenient and functional, use some DIY tricks and make a corner desk or slide it into a closet that can respond to your office needs.

No one is going to have a DIY computer desk like yours, even if you haven’t spent a single penny on it.

The best ideas

Transforming a wall table inspired by Pottery Barn

All that is required for the project is your corner desk and one or two wooden drawers / filing cabinets. First, you should paint both the cabinets and the tabletop white, then remove the legs that your desk is on.

Secure it to the corner with a bracket instead of a railing insert to make it more stylish.

Standing desks

You save an incredible amount of space

  • You don’t need a chair for her
  • No additional depth is required
  • You can use a simple wall shelf to make one

Children’s tables

Diy-wall-desk-for-a-pleasant-job5 DIY wall-mounted desk design ideasImage source: Cassie Daughtrey Realogics Sotheby’s Realtyner

Your child needs a desk where they can keep all of their craft supplies while they play. Ideally, you can fold it back and hide it when the game time is up.

Birch / aluminum desk

These desks have a purpose that allows you to distribute large textbooks, writing pads, computers, or similar devices.

Besides being large, they have to be durable and not have a single corner that could damage your belongings. Hence, the modern versions try to reproduce this style with clean and modern lines and minimalist shapes.

Wall tables

Diy-wall-desk-for-a-pleasant-job3 DIY wall-desk design ideasImage source: Silvia Mazzone

When it comes to saving space, wall tables are simply unbeatable. There are no legs to take up square feet, items are neatly stored, and the space still looks fresh and large. The only mess left to hide was cables.

At the same time, wall tables are a relatively inexpensive solution with minimal effort that still looks classy in a modern environment.

The only drawback that can possibly be considered is that they take advantage of the structure they already have and cannot move like a traditional desk.

A minimalist approach

Diy-wall-desk-for-a-pleasant-job11 DIY wall-mounted desk design ideasImage source: Stop designs

Even if you are not a handyman and handyman, the limited space will force you to develop such talent. After all, you need to work in one square meter of space, and then wall tables will become an option.

You will be surprised how well you can organize supplies, books, and paperwork in trays, which can also be the ideal place for valuable portraits and works of art.

Wall TV

Diy-wall-desk-for-a-pleasant-job6 DIY wall-mounted desk design ideasImage source: Clifton Leung Design Workshop – CLDW.com.hk

You may think turning your desk into a TV isn’t a smart idea, but the advantage of this is that you can work on a much larger screen.

Connecting your computer to the apartment is a win-win solution for the entire room, provided you have enough space for the TV size and profile you plan to position there.

Keep in mind that the TV definitely takes up space, and make sure you can actually afford to place one and still have plenty of room to work.

Another much smarter option is to use a wall bracket to hang the TV as this frees up additional space, and place the screen at an ideal distance from your eyes to make sure it doesn’t obstruct your view.

You can literally hang it in any position you think is appropriate, be it above your keyboard, printer, or any other location that provides a clear view for editing and viewing a movie from a greater distance on the couch.

Memory is never enough

Diy-wall-desk-for-a-pleasant-job7 DIY wall-desk design ideasImage source: John Donkin Architect Inc.

Many wall tables have built-in cabinets that allow you to place your supplies in closed and open compartments, depending on what you use most often.

Needless to say, this is a great way to hide items that you don’t want people to see, while the open part is great for decorations and art.

Computer desks mounted on the wall

Diy-wall-desk-for-a-pleasant-job9 DIY wall-mounted desk design ideasImage source: Gort Scott

Slim and slim is the main small space design rule that applies to many more solutions than your current desk layout.

Wall-mounted computer desks are just like that – they create space and use your current furniture. In addition, they can serve a wide variety of purposes and become your wall shelves, desks, decorative shelves, etc.

The reason they’re so great is because they strike a balance between technology and smart design to give you the most flexible solution for any space, one that you can only use when you need it.

They can either be attached individually or on the back of your furniture. A sliding lid also allows you to hide all of the power utilities and cables you use, so making them modern or traditional living room is no problem.

Basically, you can go on with any idea that comes to mind!

Think vertically

Diy-wall-desk-for-a-pleasant-job2 DIY wall-desk design ideasImage source: Alex Maguire Photography

Vertical desks are sleek and attractive designs for small spaces that eliminate the feeling of being stuck between pieces of furniture.

The portions are usually accompanied by creative shelves to make sure there is enough space for all your essentials in the office. Some of them even offer a tablet holder.

End thoughts

Diy-wall-desk-for-a-pleasant-job8 DIY wall-mounted desk design ideasImage source: STEPHEN FLETCHER ARCHITECTS

Getting a working desk in a small space isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. The secret is to strike a balance between beauty and functionality, removing any barriers that could keep you from completing a task or two.

So if your space is limited, consider a wall desk or similar built-in project to cut down on space.

Diy-wall-desk-for-a-pleasant-job10 DIY wall-mount desk design ideasImage source: Moon design + build

If you’re creative enough, you can even come up with interesting storage ideas, such as: B. Folding boards or floating shelves or even tables under the bed that aren’t exposed when you don’t need them.

If you’re lacking inspiration, do some research on the internet – there are plenty of good examples out there to show you how to go about it.