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Living room setup ideas

Living room setup ideas

Finding inspiration and living ideas for your own home has become much easier nowadays thanks to the internet. But good tips and ideas, especially for your own living room, are not always so easy to sort out with the wealth of information. There are many Internet sites on the topic of living room setup, some blogs and online shops, but not all are really informative for their own needs. That’s why you should be aware of a few things before you go on the search for inspiration on the Internet.

If you’re about to rebuild your living room, or give it a whole new touch, then you should first realize what style you want to give your new living room.

Living room set up, but how?

First of all, one should think about which interior design style one prefers, with which one feels comfortable and with which one can identify oneself.
There are at least as many furnishing styles as living rooms. That’s why it makes sense for yourself to find out what your own style is.
There are a few well-known furnishing styles that you might find your way around.

Living room set up puristically

A modern-purist living room is simple and equipped with as few pieces as possible. For that, the few pieces should be very special designer pieces. Setting up a living room purist means everything coordinated but never too full.

Living room set vintage

A living room set up in vintage style has been trendy for some time now. There are different ways to express this style of furnishing in his living room.
Vintage is the style of furnishing from the 20s to the 70s of the 20th century. If you want to set up your own living room in a vintage look, you should only take your furnishings from this era. This means that you either look for the right furniture and accessories at the flea market. Or there is also the possibility that you are looking for a dealer who makes old furniture again and then sells it.
The special charm that emanates from this style of furnishing is its touch of the used or used and the high quality of the often only existing single pieces. Moreover, these are a piece of contemporary history in your own home.
Living room Vintage can also be mixed very well with other styles to give the vintage furniture a very special place in the apartment and then make it stand out.

Living room set up Shabby Chic

The interior design style Shabby Chic was popularized by the Englishwoman Rachel Ashwell, because she was the eponym. Certainly, there was this style before, because this is an interplay of flea markets, old heirlooms and crazy new things, which are combined with each other and make a great combination and the style Shabby Chic become.
An important feature, just as the vintage look is, are unmistakable signs of wear on furniture and accessories, whether they are artificially created or already present, does not matter in this style. It should also be mentioned that this style of furnishing is very feminine. With muted, delicate tones and patterns that usually spring from an old time.

Living room furnished country style

The living room furniture in the country house means antique or furniture that has gone out of style to give a modern touch. Country-style elements combine vintage look and shabby chic, and country charm with townhouses. A combination of all these elements make the country house style.

Living room Scandinavian

The Scandinavian furnishing style is characterized by the nature of the beautiful Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden and Finland. Their forests and lakes are very characteristic of the landscape of the Scandinavian countries and accordingly the style of furnishing adapts. The Scandinavian furnishing style is famous for its natural materials, from furniture and accessories in a variety of wood types, such as ash, mahogany, oak, beech, birch and many more. The natural materials such as felt and sheep’s wool, and new wool are genuine Scandinavian materials. Very down to earth, natural and simple, the living room is Scandinavian with its simple yet well thought out shapes and colors.

Living room interior design ideas

The imagination knows no limits. You decide on your own and for yourself how the living room is furnished. The possibilities are at least as limitless as your own imagination. Whether it should be rather puristic, Scandinavian, or in vintage look, that decides the own taste.
We hope our idea of ​​the different furnishing styles could help a little in finding your own style. Living room furnishing ideas can be found really many, but now with the right idea in mind, the search could eventually come to an end.
Have fun searching, finding, experimenting and finally, hopefully, joyfully relaxing in your own beautiful living room.

We always look forward to tips and suggestions for other, interesting living room furnishing ideas.