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Optimal desk for the children’s room

Optimal desk for the children’s room

The best strategies so that the dining table is not the desk – or how homework in the nursery can be fun.

Why do children like to do their homework at the dining table? Because they are in this way in the midst of family affairs and do not feel like missing something important. In this case, you can set up the desk for a while in the living room at the beginning of school – there the little student can then spread his documents uninhibited and above all, sit appropriately. However, it should be clear that this is only a transitional solution, because calm and aloneness are naturally the basic requirements for a good concentration. If the daily task of homework has become more natural, then the desk can also go where it belongs – into the nursery.

Optimal condition: create a feel-good atmosphere

When does work make fun? If you feel comfortable at work. What applies to us adults, can also be applied to the offspring. Most schoolchildren have created from their nursery their own little empire in which they feel safe and secure. And that’s where the desk should be. This one has to offer one thing above all: convenience.

Organization is everything!

Chaos on the desk, wild work – all this hampers the effectiveness and concentration. Children love rituals and need clear and reliable structures. A good organization starts with the fact that the offspring complies with his school activities at the same time of day as well as always at the same place. Especially important, however, is the order on the desk. This should namely only the materials just needed. Everything else needs to be stowed.

The desk – an all-rounder!

A desk should not just be there for work. Painting, crafts, reading, computer games – this is not just any piece of furniture, but the central point of contact in the nursery for various leisure activities.

And if the dining table is still preferred for everyday learning, parents should make it clear to their offspring that a good desk organization on a regular table is not possible at all. The more handy pens, erasers and other small utensils are, the quicker the homework goes by the hand and the faster the child can go playing with his friends again.