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Avoid decoration mistakes

Avoid decoration mistakes

When decorating, a person is prone to making mistakes, especially when there is no professional gift to help. sometimes it can even happen to a decorator so it is very important to be patient and careful. There are many details to consider when decorating. So knowing some basic decorating mistakes to avoid can help you achieve a faster and more thoughtful decorating process.

Don’t pay attention to the hem

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Curtains shouldn’t be too short or too long. It is best for curtains to touch the floor, but any excess material should definitely be hemmed, as falling curtains to the floor is rarely considered aesthetically pleasing unless your home is particularly glamorous or luxurious.

Hemming the curtains in the dry cleaner or even with a hanger tape is the best solution to this problem.

The paint color shouldn’t come first

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This is also a common mistake as the walls are the first thing to focus on when decorating a room. Remember that repainting a wall isn’t difficult, unlike changing the furniture. Hence, it is a mistake that you absolutely must avoid in basing your furniture on the wall paint, as the wall paint on the furniture is the smarter alternative.

Once you’ve selected the right furniture, matching the color of most high-priced pieces with the right shade for the wall is easy and effective.

You have to measure beforehand

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Even if you find furniture you love while shopping and buy it right away, it might be a good idea to have some measurements on hand as not everything will fit perfectly in your room. Not only is measuring important when it comes to carpentry and building, it is also advisable to measure your living space so that you can determine what size furniture you should choose.

Many buy the furniture before they even buy a house without paying attention to the size and size of the room. This often leads to difficulty getting the furniture through the door or the piece itself may not be comfortable in the room. Knowing your space well and having a floor plan with you can help you avoid this.

Pale walls

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You need to add some depth to your walls by coloring them according to the size of the room and the number of furniture in it. The most obvious choice should be pale as it is subtle and relaxing but not suitable for every room type. If you are decorating a larger room or an open floor house, a darker shade for the walls will go much better with it.

The overly trendy piece

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There is always something that immediately catches your attention, but wonder if it’s compatible with the rest of the interior design of your home. It may look good in and of itself, but it has to be in the same style and theme as your home to really have a personality.

An abundance of bells and whistles

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You don’t have to go for minimalism to know that too many things in your home can make you feel cluttered. Removing unnecessary items will clean up and freshen up the space, taking full account of the important things you are flaunting.

Lighting is not just about decor

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The lighting shouldn’t lag behind in the first few steps of decorating as you can’t just lay it on top of anything else. A simple lamp or even ceiling lights could be exactly what will improve the mood in the room as poor lighting creates a poor environment. Never underestimate the power of strategically chosen and placed lights.

Hang the chandelier

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If a chandelier is your primary lighting option, you need to get a reasonable amount of attention when positioning and installing it. If you want the chandelier light to reach every part of your room, don’t hang it too high. The level must be adjusted so that the light can be emitted correctly throughout the room. This is why chandeliers work best in rooms with high ceilings.

The artwork should not be placed too high

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The best strategy to work with when hanging artwork is to hang it so that its bottom is 8 to 10 inches above any type of furniture. If you want to hang artwork in a room without a lot of furniture, like a hallway or stairwell, keep the center 66 inches from the floor or steps.

The purchase of “Dream Lifestyle”

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The furniture you buy should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and fit your lifestyle. People want to go high with furniture by buying an oversized table or wall-sized television that they rarely or never actually use. Furnish your home according to your lifestyle and do not decorate it according to the lifestyle you have as it often leads to wasted money and labor.

Test the furniture you want to buy

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It is common to indulge in the aesthetics of a piece of furniture, such as a lounge, but until you actually try it out and see if it suits you, you can’t really be sure that the piece of furniture is the best choice for you.

Resist the temptation by acting smart and going for something comfortable and practical before falling in love with some type of design. Testing furniture is important when looking at parts that you will be sitting on, such as dining room chairs, armchairs, and kitchen stools.

Not everything has to fit

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What’s the fun when everything is very similar? A room should have some contrasting parts and colors in order for it to have an impressive impact. If you want to bring everything together in a room or make everything similar, the mood can get pretty dull, especially if the decor and overall style are repetitive.

Combining different complementary styles is perfect to create a not too colorful yet inspiring atmosphere. A couple of vintage pieces in a modern designed space or selection of accent pieces would just work great.

Overuse of throw pillows

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Although it is a nice and simple detail, throw pillows are often overused and lose their charm as a result. If you want to use pillows as an accent or cute accessory, try not to overdo it by making it impossible to relax without constantly moving them. Try not to make them too flashy, especially if you have a lot of them.

Forget that furniture is for people

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The choice and arrangement of furniture is very important when it comes to creating an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. It’s not just about combining the space with the pieces and the overall picture. The room should be able to facilitate pleasant conversations and communication.

You don’t want your seat pieces to be too far apart in a meeting room. The arrangement only prevents the guests from being able to talk to each other easily. It all boils down to the purpose of the space.

If a space is intended for conversation, move your sofas and chairs further away from the walls and closer to the center. It is better to keep a more lively and pleasant atmosphere.

Not enough light

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In order to get a sufficient amount of light, it is best to position a larger number of light sources throughout the room. Consider at least three sources of light, as light from different directions will prevent shadows that could make the room seem like it isn’t lit well enough. Expand and freshen up your room without shade.

Texture is as important as color

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Even if a lot of emphasis is placed on color when decorating, it cannot be said about texture. Texture plays a huge role in the atmosphere and design of a room, so it can really play an important role in making it happier, more beautiful and more interesting.