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Elegant functional furniture

Elegant functional furniture

Pulling out, pushing, folding, swinging – practical functional furniture adapts to every everyday situation.

Be it a sofa or a bed, a chest of drawers or a sideboard, television from the left or right – functional furniture, thanks to its high degree of flexibility, creates a comfortable feeling of well-being in your own four walls and pays off no less thanks to its design character.

Sofa, bed or couch?

a sofa that transforms you instantly into a comfortable daybed or a cozy bed. The all-round talent surprises with many details: the backrests can be adjusted individually, the seats can be turned: this results in either a relax lounger or a full single or double bed. The armrests, which appear under the seats, then serve as a storage for books, newspapers and Co. or as a practical night console.

Flexible cabinet furniture

As the name suggests, “stretch” can be pulled apart at will. The box furniture program can act as high or lowboard, sideboard or freestanding in the room. Thanks to a special pull-out system, it can effortlessly reach widths from 2.30 meters to 3.20 meters, which can be varied to suit your taste. In addition to the external dimensions, “Stretch” can also change its overall appearance: it gives the impression of a chest of drawers, with niches it offers plenty of space for books, hi-fi equipment or accessories. The program is available in various combinations of matt or high gloss lacquer as well as lacquer and wood.

For TV lovers and cinema fans

Whether from the sofa, from the windowsill or directly after entering the living room – if you want to enjoy a good view of the TV screen from any position in the room, opt for a swiveling hi-fi and TV shelf, which can be rotated around two vertical axes. “Two Vision” is available – depending on the flatscreen device – in two widths. In addition, screen, recorder and Co. are invisibly wired, DVDs and CDs are in the lateral vertical place. The shelf body is available with three different glass panels, the TV swivel plate in the versions matt lacquer or walnut.