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Bed frames made of pine

Bed frames made of pine

The pine is one of the woods traditionally used in furniture construction, because its strength ensures a particularly long life of the furniture. Beds made of pine are therefore very common in both modern and rustically furnished bedrooms, as their design and their surface treatment are no longer limited to the country house style. Also available: pine beds in comfort height and models with a bed box.

Popular wood in furniture production with its own character:Pine beds

The pine is one of the softwoods. Its circulation area lies in north, northeast and central Europe. Pine wood stands out in comparison with other softwoods such as spruce or fir by more hardness and a higher weight. In contrast to many deciduous trees, however, pine is generally considered to be rather light and not very hard. The sapwood of the pine is broad and yellowish-white colored. Their heartwood has a reddish brown color and darkens with time. Pinewood is one of the traditionally used woods in bed production. Especially for country house style, rustic designed solid wooden pine beds fit perfectly.