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Rustic and romantic: lighting in the country house style

Rustic and romantic: lighting in the country house style

Who decides his apartment in country house style set up, decides at the same time, for one of the most adaptable decorating styles. Of pithy rustic to playful, romantic, with natural materials and appropriate Designs Reduced ornaments in wood and Rattan, clear lines for decoration made of brass, which give off the rusty charm of rural Patina – everything in the right light arranged, the individual elements then.

Lamps in a rustic style

Thus, the choice of the right lamp is a key element. Also in the case of ceiling fixtures and Floor or table lamps to find the typical elements of the rustic style re: wooden chandelier, lamp shades made of woven Rattan or cotton, and in light chains turned out lights in kitchen, living room and bedroom mood. A romantic country house ambience is created? This goes with the handle to the slender, curved lamps in elegant Design and made of natural materials in the blink of an eye. The style direction is not limited to your emotional aspect. Also, for industrial-inspired, pragmatic, institutions own lamps in a rustic style, excellent. Protruding forms, rough materials and elements such as Patina or rust stains, as well as earthy colors miss the country style, a meaty, robust Vintage-based.

Because the lighting makes the ambience

Cabinets and furniture are in rustic style, easily find on any flea market for small money. For the right lighting is worth the search for lamps online. Table lamps, Wall lamps and floor lamps made of fabrics, Wood, grasses, or even stone can be in peace and quiet, and the interior matched selected. The country-style is so flexible that it allows in itself a breach of style. Subtle harmony or striking contrasts by harsher decoration in front of pastel-coloured furniture and walls. Both the country house style, both of which has a different character. And for both there are matching lamps and luminaires, are the ideal Finish for all the apartments, decorated in a Rustic look.