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Lighting comfort in the childrens room

Lighting comfort in the childrens room

Children playfully discover the world: sometimes they are Nobel Prize-winning researchers, sometimes the little housewife. Every day is different and always full of imagination. Whether played in the children’s room, romped, tinkered or learned.

Enough light for fun and games

Recessed luminaires, surface-mounted or pendant luminaires provide sufficient basic brightness in the room, the light may be dimmable. Depending on the age of the child and use of the room, additional lights are useful, for example, on the bed or on the desk. But beware: so that children do not use lights with colorfully printed lampshades as toys, lights should always be placed out of reach of curious children’s hands. In addition, toddlers are sensitive to light. Indirectly bright light that reflects evenly from the walls and ceiling is the most comfortable for them.

A sleep light dispels the monster

Children love sleep stories. Permanently installed wall lights provide the right lighting when reading aloud. And waking up in the dark, a soft and soft glowing light helps to drive the monsters under the bed.

Help with homework

Schoolchildren spend some time at the desk. They need motivating light. Additional floor or table lamps support the ABC shooters in completing their homework. A tip: The light incidence for right-handed people is correct from the left side, for left-handed people, light from the right does not produce any disturbing shadows.

At the computer without light reflections

Teenagers often work with the computer. It must be ensured that no disturbing reflections on the screen. A good solution for the desk is then, for example, a pendant lamp for rod-shaped fluorescent lamps or a floor lamp for compact fluorescent lamps, as they are used in the workplace.