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Oak wood is a trend in furniture!

Oak wood is a trend in furniture!

It stands for continuity and strength, can be up to 2000 years old and is one of the most valuable domestic timbers for furniture making: the oak. It has long been used for high quality interiors, even though plastic, glass and steel sometimes stole the show. But today, as in hectic times more and more people long for a piece of nature in their own four walls, oak furniture is making a comeback.

Lively structures radiate naturalness

Oak benches, beds, tables and chairs bring a new sensuality and a form of minimalism in the living area: Above all, the light brown wood of wild oak leaves many branches shine through and is characterized by a vibrant color, the oak furniture radiate a vivid originality , The fact that oak wood is currently so highly valued is also due to the fact that it “lives” to a certain extent and is also pleasant to touch.

The right care is crucial

Oak furniture can become friends for life. The technical data of the material speak for themselves: oak wood is heavy and hard, but quite elastic. The heartwood is durable, even almost unlimited under water. It dries very slowly, but does not shrink very much. Nevertheless, as a natural material, oak needs care so that it retains its positive properties and beauty over the long term. Open porosity, anti-static, breathability and odor filtration are quality standards that are given great attention already in the production of the furniture. Many manufacturers treat their furniture with a special oil that protects against dehydration, dust and dirt, keeps the material healthy and elastic and lets it breathe, so that the moisture can escape. The hard, durable surface in the optics remains soft and matt.

Fix small blemishes quickly

That the solid wood furniture in daily use again and again smaller damages are added, is not further questionable. Because scratches are eliminated with fine sandpaper. After dusting oil is applied, and after 10 to 15 minutes you can polish. Small dents are also applied, covered with a damp cloth and steamed with an iron. Even then, the dry spot is treated with sandpaper and oil. Stains caused by moisture may only be sanded and oiled after drying. Generally, oak furniture should be re-oiled three to four times in the first year, and every half to three years later. For daily cleaning, a dry, possibly slightly damp cloth. In addition, if the oak wood furniture is not exposed to high humidity and the most even sunlight is guaranteed, the natural structure and the colors are preserved for a long time.