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Are single bed frames for you?

Are single bed frames for you?

Did you know that people refer a platform storage bed as a captain’s bed or a mate’s bed? This terminology came from the fact that most boats and ships do not possess much space for a storage place and a bed. The mixture of storage and bed would facilitate living and sleeping in close quarters. In contemporary style of college dorm, shared bedrooms and studio apartments, the dual feature of storage with platform beds is definitely an essential factor.

Storage bed frames are available in standard bed frame sizes. They include single bed frames or twin, king, queen, and double or full. The storage space available is mainly dependent on the dimensions of the frame. For example, one single bed normally includes 2 to 3 storage drawers. However, a king size bed could allow for 3 or more drawers on each side.

Twin or single storage beds are an ideal solution for a single person’s, dorm or kid’s room. The beds are available in various designs which include the number of drawers you can find underneath and the volume of shelving which is included. The finish and color of a platform bed may vary according to the kind of wood utilized as well as the stain selected. A white colored platform bed with storage is the ideal selection for a child’s bedroom since the color could be easily harmonized with many other elements or even a specific theme.

A standard single storage bed usually includes 3 drawers underneath which could be modified during set up based upon which side you want to face the drawers. Some children platform bed frames also have a shelving unit to keep toys, books and other knick knacks. You could find kids, single or twin platform frames that have underneath storage at numerous places offline and online. The online world is a great starting point to seek the styles and types that exist.

A double storage bed is the other name for a full size storage bed. The size is an excellent solution for a spare bedroom, college dorm or teen’s bedroom. The dimensions of the bed can normally have two drawers on both sides for storage. Some might just have one big drawer on both sides. Double and full sizes are usually not as well liked as king, queen and twin however they are readily available online.