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How to integrate plants in an apartment

How to integrate plants in an apartment

If you live in an apartment you know how difficult it can be to decorate. When renting, limit yourself to what you can do unless you get approval from your landlord. Even if you own your device, you are limited to what you can do compared to a house.

Does that mean you can’t decorate your home at all? Absolutely not.

Sometimes the smallest changes can make a drastic difference in space. One way to do this is by adding plants to your home. It doesn’t matter how big your space is. Any facility is sure to improve the design.

Use the patio

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The terrace is all too often used as a storage room. Take advantage of this small space and make it a haven. The more plants the better. Container gardening is currently a popular trend and is perfect for small outdoor areas. Using plants and vegetables that are native to where you live will make your garden even more successful.

Start small

In an apartment, space is usually limited. That means that you want to take advantage of every point in the area while trying not to overwhelm your device with clutter. The best way to avoid your apartment looking cluttered is to start small.

1-apartment-plants-air purification How plants are integrated into an apartment

Start with several small plants. Sporadically place them anywhere. If you find that you still want to fill in the gaps, feel free to add more at any time.

Bring in vertical plants

You will want it Get creative with designing an apartment. If you have a small space, try walking vertically instead of spreading plants. Hand shelves on the walls for small potted plants to sit on. Stack the pots on top of each other. You have more space to work, to be creative, walking up and down rather than spreading out.

Use grapevine plants

Plants come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so you can have fun being creative with your design. If you want to make a statement with a plant, look for grape vines growing out of their pot. You can hang them high and let the vines grow downward for a dramatic effect.


If you don’t want to go overboard with plants, consider small ones as centerpieces on tables, bedside tables, and coffee tables. Small plants like succulents are great for these locations around the home.

Place plants in uncomfortable places

There are always areas in a room that furniture cannot get into. Those uncomfortable corners of a room, the end of wasted space. Instead, place potted plants in those corners or in areas that you just can’t handle. It’s a great way to make efficient use of all the space and add a nice style to the apartment.

Use the right plant

Use plants that are simple and easy to care for. In an apartment, window space is likely to be limited. You don’t want to bring in a plant that needs lots of daylight if you don’t have windows that face the sun. They will be difficult to maintain and likely to die quickly.

Look for plants these are bold and welcoming while at the same time purifying the air. The apartments can get stuffy. So if you have a cleaning facility, the inside will stay fresh and comfortable.

If you want to liven up your home but don’t know where to start, try adding plants first. Small plants can be put almost anywhere and are sure to add a nice accent to the room.