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Kitchens with black cabinets – pictures and ideas

Kitchens with black cabinets – pictures and ideas

The kitchen is a space that inherits the tradition of gathering family members in one place. The kitchen today has a tendency to primarily fulfill the idea of ​​a functional and beautiful space.

Because of its role as a liaison with the family, it should be placed in a convenient location in the house. The arrangement in the kitchen depends on the size and shape of the room.

Sometimes it is even necessary to change the position of the doors and windows in the kitchen to get a good and proper arrangement of the elements.

First, make a list of the planned items and appliances in the kitchen. Kitchen furniture changes every day as new appliances appear in the home.

Kitchens-with-black-cupboards-can-still-be-bright14 Kitchens with-black cupboards - pictures and ideasImage source: Space harmony

Before making a purchase, make sure that the kitchen is wide enough to store all the planned items and appliances, as kitchens are often smaller in modern living spaces.

When it comes to decorating the kitchen, we recommend using black cabinets in the kitchen.

Black kitchen cabinets tips

Kitchens-with-black-cupboards-can-still-be-bright9 Kitchens with-black cupboards - pictures and ideasImage source: Authentic reclaimed flooring

Most of the materials used to design the kitchen are granite, veneer, hardwood, oak, stainless steel, birch, glass and even PVC. Each design is sleek, sophisticated, and clean.

However, what most people do not realize is that the kitchen can be decorated, designed and personalized as a bedroom.

If you are brave and brave and enjoy the elegance, the black kitchen can be the perfect solution for your home.

As a neutral color, black never goes out of style.

One place where it is especially used is the kitchen. The black color is very adjustable and can be incorporated into the interior in many ways.

Kitchens-with-black-cupboards-can-still-be-bright10 Kitchens with-black cupboards - pictures and ideasImage source: Arnal Photography

It can be incredibly dramatic, it can act as an accent, or it can be used to ground a “floating” room.

It’s timeless and modern at the same time.

Black is not just black! There are different textures for each color, and you can choose an interesting texture that will be your guiding principle in designing your sleek black kitchen.

Matt black kitchen cabinet is the best solution for the wooden kitchen.

Black marble is certainly sophisticated, but if cleaning the marble is a problem for you, choose other materials and use texture consistently.

Kitchens-with-black-cupboards-can-still-be-bright11 Kitchens with-black cupboards - pictures and ideasImage source: Chris Pardo Design – Elementary Architecture

If you want an elegant style, we recommend a glossy black that reflects light and floors. So combining dark cabinets with light floors is a good idea.

However, the glossy black is not a good solution if you have young children. The glossy surfaces reflect the fingertips even more.

Kitchen cabinets play a key role in your kitchen. If you’re black, most decorators recommend pairing it with white marble or metallic grays.

Do not think that this would spoil the elegance of the black cabinets. You can even be a little creative adding black-based glass elements.

Kitchens-with-black-cupboards-can-still-be-bright12 Kitchens with-black cupboards - pictures and ideasImage source: Maxine Schnitzer Photography

If you want the ultimate in minimalist black kitchen, it is recommended to use as few accents as possible on different colors.

However, if you want to freshen up the black colors, you can of course use a tiled wall in light colors if you go for this type of kitchen design.

Don’t be afraid to add splashes of different colors!

The black kitchen cabinets can create different ambiences and styles depending on the lighting chosen.

If you want a modern black kitchen, use white lights hanging from the ceiling in the form of small, thin lightbulbs.

Kitchens-with-black-cupboards-can-still-be-bright13 Kitchens with-black cupboards - pictures and ideasImage source: Precision cabinets

If you choose to have a traditional kitchen with dark cabinetry, you need a chandelier and lots of natural light.

If you have a large kitchen with lots of cabinets, it is a good idea to have an island with black cabinets in the middle.

Be careful though, using black on the rest of the cabinets as well can result in a very dark environment.

So if you are using a black island, use a different color for the rest of the cabinets.

Black kitchen cabinets ideas

Kitchen cabinets made of wood

Kitchens-with-black-cupboards-can-still-be-bright2 Kitchens with-black cupboards - pictures and ideasImage source: BCD Interiors

When choosing the color for the kitchen, there is one color that is never on the list – black. However, this can be a great color for your kitchen cabinets.

Designers are not afraid to use black paint in the kitchen, and the results can be quite good.

If you love wood and opt for a kitchen design with darker colors, the almost black stained wooden cabinets are perfect for you.

Adding golden elements creates an even more luxurious environment.

Black and white combination

Kitchens-with-black-cabinets-can-still-be-bright1 Kitchens with-black cabinets - pictures and ideasImage source: Jessica Claire Photography, Inc.

The sincerity and purity of white, as well as the elegance and power of black color can create interesting combinations in the kitchen ambience.

Placement of the black cabinets

Kitchens-with-black-cupboards-can-still-be-bright3 Kitchens with-black cupboards - pictures and ideasImage source: Dallas Design Group, interiors

One of the most common positions for the cabinets is the U shape. Here the cabinets are set up on three walls.

In these places there are great ways to combine the elements in the kitchen, but you need to adhere to the basic rule of organizing the space.

You should also provide enough space between elements for smooth movement

Dose of red

Kitchens-with-black-cupboards-can-still-be-bright8 Kitchens-with-black-cupboards - pictures and ideasImage source: John Kraemer & Sons

Whether modern or rustic kitchen, the red color goes well with the black kitchen cabinets. This combination brings energy, dynamism and a positive effect on the appetite like no other combination.

Kitchens with black cabinets for contrast

Kitchens-with-black-cupboards-can-still-be-bright4 Kitchens with-black cupboards - pictures and ideasImage source: Tamara Johnson, CKD

Black is a timeless color, but it doesn’t have to be the color of attention in the kitchen. You can use it as a contrasting accent in a mostly white kitchen.

Bold and minimal

Kitchens-with-black-cupboards-can-still-be-bright5 Kitchens with-black cupboards - pictures and ideasImage source: Laurysen Kitchens Ltd.

If you don’t immediately get the idea to choose the black color for your kitchen cabinets, you will change your mind after looking through our gallery.

The white walls in combination with black cabinets can look very sophisticated and elegant, but also add a nice dose of minimalist style to the decoration.

You can always combine the black and white color of natural wood to give your kitchen a very modern and trendy look.

How to maintain the black kitchen

Kitchens with black cabinets can still be bright6 Kitchens with black cabinets - pictures and ideasImage source: Design Line Construction, Inc.

The dark color creates a very luxurious kitchen, but it requires a lot of care and maintenance.

Stains, fingertips and dust are even more noticeable on dark surfaces, so the black cabinets need to be cleaned more often than any other color.

Keep this in mind if you want to decorate your kitchen in black.


Kitchens-with-black-cupboards-can-still-be-bright7 Kitchens with-black cupboards - pictures and ideasImage source: Kitchen designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. (CKD, CBD, CR)

The kitchen is the room in the house, the layout of which is usually chosen from light and fresh colors such as cream, light green and white.

The more daring can try warm colors like red and yellow. But black as a symbol of elegance should definitely be used in the kitchen.

Someone may think that it seems unnatural and too dark for the kitchen, but the images shown above prove that the dark kitchen cabinets, like any other, can look contemporary and modern if they are properly aligned in the room.

The black color is classic and fits into any style and design without being dark and scary. So you won’t go wrong by including some of our dark kitchen ideas.