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Interior design trends 2016

Interior design trends 2016

Due to constant changes in modern interior design ideas, the demand for new materials and unique processes triggered by rapid changes in technological innovations and human inventions results in modernized interior designs that do not often endure and permanently replace the past designs.

This is due to their elegant additional functions, which make it appear invisible and strongly suppress the previous design. Adding the tech aspect seems to seal the deal for them. All of the features attributed to design have proven to be very satisfactory as the fashion aspect is heavily considered when designing these standout trends in interior design.

Despite the fact that modernized interior design is changing rapidly, some trends are stable enough and updated appropriately to ensure they always have the tenderness to stay updated, interesting, and motivating. Below is a list of the latest interior design trends for 2016 that may remain in vogue for an extended period of time:

Go green and environmentally friendly

Going-Green-and-Eco-Friendly Interior Design Trends 2016

Consumers are trying out ways to express nature at all stages of their home environment, from beautifying squeezed dwellings with vegetation to converting sprawling backyards into campsites where they buy furniture that they use inside and outside their home can.

Delicacy and texture

Interior design trend 2016 Interior design trends 2016

Most people buy things based on texture, but their artificial existence in the market confuses those who put their hands against them to feel the texture and determine the quality that leads to dissatisfaction.

The key lies in the choice of color trend

Simple and widely used colors

Simple and widely accepted colors interior design trends 2016

Simplified color schemes, black and white decorating ideas with a bright pop of color, notable centerpieces and oversized furniture and lighting fixtures, subtle and soft color design, interior design and retro style decorating ideas from 50 to 70 even finish Hs, interior design made purely minimalist style, sculptural and textured Designs that add attractiveness and attention to the modern interior are the top trends of modern interior design 2016 to last much longer.

Congruence over disparity

During the dinner party time, when most people stay home to cook and entertain, the collaboration of colors, texture and decoration of the dining room attests to the comfort of guests, where dark colors are a flawed mental representation of depth by making the edges of the room disappear, while excellent colors envelop the room with exciting elegance.

Moderate and not extreme color choices

Moderate and not extreme color selection Interior Design Trends 2016

The elegant coloring of the horizontal edges at the top and bottom of a wall makes a narrow room feel wider, more spacious and safer by ensuring a noticeable combination created by the contrasting combination of light and dark colors and luminous surfaces while neutral tones come alive with gold, coral and sky blue.

Products with mineral decorations

Products-with-Mineral-Decorations Interior Design Trends 2016

While the elegant geodes attached to Lucite bases were all the rage, minerals are now natural. Look for pyrite bowls on tables, large pieces of quartz used as display items, and unpolished semi-precious stones that are turned into door handles.

Versatile and symmetrical design patterns

Versatile and symmetrical design patterns Interior Design Trends 2016

Splash boards have been of great use to consumers, but they are vintage and thus consumers are expected to move to more geometric patterns that facilitate fluid flow, such as cement and wood, which make fluid geometry effective even in complex floors.

Local craft products to promote talent

Local craft products to promote talent Interior Design Trends 2016

Encouraging local artisans in the design industry that they would help develop would lead to the growth and development of handcrafted products and shapes such as handcrafted ceramics or handwoven textiles that are incorporated into the interior design.

Avoid minimalist designs

Avoid Minimalist Designs Interior Design Trends 2016

Any modern style product reduces its volume and shape. Hence, people are likely to switch to organic furniture shapes, elusive color mixes, and natural resources with little serenity.

Attractiveness over durability in the selection of metals

Attractiveness over durability when choosing metals interior design trends 2016

Although brass and warm gold tones are long-lasting, copper, bronze, and rose stones are gaining in popularity because their frames are attractive to a particular piece of furniture.

Consider the popularity of the blue color

Consider the popularity of the blue color interior design trends 2016

In the recent past, blue has been the most popular color on the market, but it is currently topped off by indigo and denim tones. However, this strong shade of blue looks new and replaces the bright decorators.

Arrange your space to match the functionalism of your accessories.

Arrange your space to match your accessory functionalism.  Interior design trends 2016

Functional decorative items add a quirky look to your home as they ensure that your room is free of useless and dull objects. It goes without saying that the acquisition of important objects is only processed in terms of time and space from a person’s life. Dealing with today’s ever-changing lifestyles requires skillful use and arrangement of the available space.

It is advisable to completely hide your kitchen when buying more space for important occasions and entertainment. Nowadays, wise people move from cities to escape traffic jams and rush. Similarly, you should try to free up space and create optical illusions in your bathroom or kitchen by installing wallpaper and green walls or anything that will add charm to your space.

Natural and environmentally friendly aspect

Natural and environmentally friendly aspect of interior design trends 2016

It is of great importance to the designer to be able to improve the overall environmental friendliness of our resident bathrooms and homes. You should waste the abundance of vegetation and promote urban gardens outside of buildings and even inside buildings as they provide a great atmosphere.

This can be made possible if architects and designers have healthy and natural motifs when designing a house alignment. This helps us bring nature closer to our inhabitants and their way of life, who are characterized by a beautiful, calm and enriching spiritual life, and offers practical solutions to most problems. It also tends to add a natural and organic touch to our homes.


Conclusion interior design trends 2016

Through innovative changes and trends in interior design, we are moving towards a more complex, warmer and balanced apartment with playful, cool and artistic colors like orchard and masala. When the materials are arranged appropriately and their details are functional rather than meiotic, taking into account the nobility and natural presence of plant life and innovations of the green world.

Our houses are brought closer to nature in an artistic and thoughtful way. In this way, not only do we enjoy an organic effect in our homes, but we also limit and reduce pollution so that we can stay at peace with Mother Nature.