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What is house staging and why is it important?

What is house staging and why is it important?

The staging of houses has always been a valuable component in getting a solid sale price for a house. However, with the recent “slowdown” in the market, this has become a critical factor in a successful sale. This market decline was particularly noticeable in the eastern states of Australia, which is why Home production in Melbourne and Sydney is the number one tool in a home dealer arsenal to beat the competition.

So what’s the difference between just decorating a house for sale and staging it? The theories behind staging a home for sale are based on psychological factors. Our homes are increasingly becoming a haven from the outside world. This means that creating a welcoming haven that shoppers will feel emotionally attached to goes a long way in creating a lasting connection with your home.

Mind games

Buying a home is an emotional experience – much like falling in love. We may not fully understand why a room or home fills us with this warm, fuzzy feeling, but it can be a powerful motivator. As a seller, creating this desire in a buyer means giving him something familiar and at the same time aspiring.

Home Staging What Is House Staging And Why Is It Important?

Early strategies that used to be common were to put a bottle of wine and two glasses on an outside table so that shoppers would sit down and enjoy the good life. Another trick was baking cookies to fill the house with atmospheric smells that are reminiscent of the comforts of home.

The staging of these days has expanded to include the subconscious Colors used as a trigger. Examples of this can be:

Pale grays – paired with crisp whites – can brighten a room and create a calming oasis that is ideal for bedrooms.

Yellow – while they can lift the spirits, the wrong tone can suck the light out of a room, so choose carefully.

Red wines – have been shown to increase heart rate. Used sparingly or on a wall, they can be used to draw attention to a positive element in a room.

When choosing your color palette, be sure to choose soft, neutral shades that appeal to the widest range of tastes.

Work with what you have

4_kermit_rd-maplewood_1490989113_7 What is house staging and why is it important?

Home staging works at all levels of the market. Smaller homes can be clad to maximize the feeling of space, but also to highlight cozy comfort, which can be very appealing on its own. This can be achieved by reducing the furniture proportions to create the illusion of a larger floor space. Introducing flame effect heating that mimics a fireplace can have a huge impact on providing a dynamic focus in a small space.

Professional home staging experts are also able to maximize your home’s positive results and minimize its shortcomings. They do this by showcasing the best features and looking away from less desirable features.


Home Staging-1 What Is House Staging And Why Is It Important?

Accessories play an important role in creating a warm and welcoming interior. A touch of viability can be created through Clear up clutter and using the subtle placement of decorative items such as:

  • Books
  • Throw and floor carpets
  • Lamps and lighting
  • pillow

It sounds obvious, but home staging highlights all the features and benefits such as: B. Placing wood in a fireplace or on a larger scale, equipping leisure areas with barbecue facilities, multimedia devices and garden furniture. Define each use of space by putting beds in bedrooms and desks in studies.

Make the most of any space without creating clutter, yet still get dressed to show size and height through optical illusions. Use appropriately proportioned furniture to avoid cluttering the space.

The return

Investing in professional home styling for sale will maximize your chances of getting a premium sale price in no time. Anecdotes indicate that staged houses sell twice as fast as unstaged houses – a very convincing statistic …

Beautifully staged rooms will also do breathtaking photos for boards and property sales outlets on site. These first pictures are the hook that leads buyers to do further research during home inspections.


There is always competition in real estate. Typically, you have a chance to impress buyers before moving on to the next listing. By using the services of a professional home staging company, you position yourself to get the premium price for your property – in no time.