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Fireplace stove: decor, stone and cover

Fireplace stove: decor, stone and cover

If you’ve ever wondered what a fireplace is, it’s where the fire actually burns in a fireplace.

As the focal point of your fireplace, the fireplace can be the key to your design and make the design real.

You can choose between things like a simple concrete wall or a carved marble creation. There are basically endless ideas for fireplace stoves.

Before you start decorating your fireplace, there are a few things to consider.


Weston-Historic-District-by-DRM-Design-Build-Inc.  Fireplace stove: decor, stone and coverImage source: DRM Design Build, Inc.

Fireplace stoves have been used for centuries, mainly because they are fireproof, durable and sturdy. You can work with a single large stone slab or use multiple stones of different sizes. A very popular option is River Rock.

You can sculpt a stove in different shapes with stone and even choose between a tall chimney shape that starts at the ceiling and extends to the floor, or you can create a stocky and short design that uses stones of different colors and shapes.


Living room-dining-room-beyond-ODS-architecture fireplace stove: decor, stone and cover
Image source: ODS architecture

Using concrete is a modern approach to furnishing fireplace stoves. Because you can get it into virtually any shape you want, it’s extremely popular.

You can create a simple square or a long, thin, chimney-like shape, or even a rounded opening. You can make a concrete hearth look like a 3D shape sticking out of your wall, and you can choose colors and textures too. And it’s fireproof too.


Luxurious-contemporary-of-Janet-Brooks-design-fireplace stove: decor, stone and cover
Image source: Janet Brooks Design

Marble is an incredibly smooth and elegant option, despite being expensive. It’s a natural stone that you can get in a variety of colors, and you can carve its smooth texture with intricate inscriptions and patterns, from floral designs to everything else. It is also fireproof and designed to last.


Design-by-Sarasota-Homes-Ltd.  Fireplace stove: decor, stone and cover
Image source: Sarasota Homes Ltd.

Brick may remind you of a traditional red brick design with white mortar and stacked bricks, but this is just one of the many designs you can create. It comes in a lot more colors, and you can get stones in a lot more shapes than just rectangular.

The stacking and arranging can be done in a square, oval, rounded, or any other design. A brick fireplace is a sturdy, durable, and traditional option.


Mt.-Desert-Island-by-Irvin-Serrano fireplace stove: decor, stone and cover
Image source: Irvin Serrano

A fireplace stove tile is another great choice because you can get tiles in a range of styles, colors, and materials. Make sure you get tiles for fireplaces as regular floor tiles won’t really work.

Tiles are not really made of a fire retardant material. Materials that you can choose from include ceramic, stone, porcelain, and glass, among others. You can use a design you’ve seen somewhere or create something of your own.

The outside of the stove

Ferndale-residence-by-Bruce-Kading-interior-design-fireplace: decor, stone and cover
Image source: Bruce Kading interior design

Once you’ve finished the insides, it’s time to add decorations like a screen or fireplace cover. You can even stick a cast iron insert in it for an interesting, stylish touch.

Tips for painting


Fireplace stove Waterfront-Kitchen-by-Sapia-Builders-Corp: decor, stone and cover
Image source: Sapia Builders Corp.

If you want to protect it while you are painting, you can just use a drape. This is very easy, but a lot of people miss it and have to scrub the floor around the stove after spending a full day painting it.

If you don’t have one, just lay out a piece of tarpaulin and put newspapers on top. When you’re done, just crumple the newspapers and throw them away.

Prepare the stove

Great-Room-by-Ward-Young-Architecture-Planning-Truckee-CA Fireplace hearth: decor, stone and cover
Image source: Ward-Young Architecture & Planning – Truckee, CA.

Once the soil is protected, it’s time to prepare your stove. To paint it properly, you need to remove any stains, dust, and grime that may have built up on your stove. This is pretty easy. You should use soapy water, scrub away the dirt, and rinse everything off with water.

Modern-Family-Room-by-Eisnerdesign fireplace stove: decor, stone and cover
Image source: ЕISnerdesign

When you’re done cleaning, sand down the rough parts. As long as everything is smooth, the paint adheres much better. After sanding, you should apply a layer of latex primer on top.

Use a large roller to make sure you apply equal coats and get the job a lot easier. Once the primer is dry, apply a layer of latex paint.

Pick a color

Belgravia-Timber-by-Habitat-Studio fireplace stove: decor, stone and cover
Image source: Habitat Studio

This is a crucial point and it depends on whether you want your fireplace to be an accent point or just to insert it. For an accent point, paint a contrasting color but make sure it matches the other colors, one way or another, makes the whole thing pop.

Classic-Clean-Line-Ranch-House-in-Rolling-Hills-Estates-von-Pritzkat-Johnson-Architects Fireplace hearth: decor, stone and cover
Image source: Pritzkat & Johnson Architects

If you want it to blend in, paint it a similar color to the others you have in your room. Use the furniture and fabrics to get an idea of ​​your existing color palette.

Types of fireplace stoves

Slim and flush

Capitol-Hill-byPrentiss-Balance-Wickline-Architects - Fireplace stove: decor, stone and cover
Image source: Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects

This is built flush with the floor and the least visually intrusive. It extends at least 16 inches from the opening of your fireplace and at least 8 inches beyond each end. This gives you a sleek, inconspicuous space for cleaning up spilled ash.

Generally, unless specifically built into the ground, these fire pits are about 1 to 4 inches off the ground.

Mixed layers

Rich-Textures ...- Amazing-Views ...- by Ernesto-Garcia-Interior-Design-LLC Fireplace stove: decor, stone and cover
Image source: Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC

These cookers offer a twist on the low-line cooker by adding one or more layers to your design. They are usually placed at one or both ends of the fireplace, and the bill places can be up to 15 inches above the fireplace. Leaving them hollow is a great place to store logs or other types of fire starter supplies.

Raised and proud

Family-Room-by-Emerald-Hill-Interiors fireplace stove: decor, stone and coverImage source: Emerald Hill Interiors

Since a fireplace is not always flush with the floor, and some are up to 1 to 3 feet above the floor, a raised fireplace invites you to a raised fireplace. Depth is less important for a fireplace without a wood stove, and you can make the fireplace as narrow as a brick using a natural gas, propane, or electric fireplace.

Seating by the fireplace

Jennifer-Neal-Design-Studio-by-Jennifer-Neal-Design-Studio Fireplace stove: decor, stone and coverImage source: Jennifer Neal Design Studio

These ultimate sheets of material are the ultimate design if you are into raised hearth designs. You can throw pillows and sit with these large sheets of material. For elongated fire pits, marble provides a smooth surface, while granite, soapstone, and quartz can also be used as the surface, even if you have field stone or brick as the bottom part.

Sears-Road-by-Oak-Hill Architects Fireplace Stove: Decor, Stone, and Cover
Image source: Oak Hill Architects

The seat height gives you a comfortable height for this design.

Final thoughts on fireplace stove designs

Wood burning stoves are actually an essential part of home design. While their main purpose is to protect your room from fallen logs that can spread fire around your home, they are also a very important visual component in the decor of your room.